Big impact

With Qubit’s machine learning engine, you get actionable insights – helping you prioritize customer segments and initiatives for the biggest impact

Customer data is one of the biggest and most complex data sets companies ever have to handle. This is because of the volume of customer interactions companies gather, across hundreds of different data points – behavioral, quantitative and qualitative – all streaming in at speed. This scale and complexity can also make it one of the most difficult data sets to put to work.

The Patadata ML Engine

Our ML engine automatically finds and exposes valuable revenue opportunities. It’s then up to you to decide whether you would like to define new experiences to address these opportunities or make changes to core business processes based on this data science.

Target your opportunities

Patadata’s ML engine automates discovery of relevant insights at immense scale, freeing you to put these insights to work. It identifies priority groups of customers for you to target, highlighting the opportunities they represent, and optionally creating segments of interesting groups of customers for your attention.