Build your segments and keep track of their performance

The segments you create in the Qubit platform are not static but dynamic, living, groups that take into account the latest insights from visitor behavior or preferences. Thanks to rich targeting criteria defined through a simple interface, our Adaptive Targeting technology enables more precise experimentation, personalization or optimization. Segment criteria can consist of a wide variety of information such as geography, browsing behavior, purchase behavior or even surveyed preferences.

Adaptive targeting

Operationalize your customer data
Your customers are changing moment to moment. With our Adaptive Targeting technology, segments automatically adjust to changes in visitor behavior or preferences.

Fluid segments
Adaptive Targeting lets you manage relationships at scale, understanding if a customer needs a different experience from one day to the next.

Truly integrated
In one platform, Qubit users can create useful segments from rich customer data collected from a wide variety of sources, then flip seamlessly into experience design and delivery.