Patatag is enterprise-class Tag Management Solution, which helps ease the maintenance hassles that come with managing dozens of vendor relationships, and their various tags.

Tag management built for marketers

Utilize integration with our AB testing platform to quickly test the efficacy of different point solutions (e.g. recommendations, reviews)

Optimize your marketing channels by only rewarding the true contributing channels through CPA De-duplication feature

Utilise tag library for instant access to over 600 tags making tag deployment effortless and seamless

Easily revert back to any previous version of your containers, without touching any code

Customizable for developers

Leverage data model, Universal Variable, to implement and future-proof thousands of use cases to make onsite data instantly accessible to any third party tool

Build in, customize and populate your javascript technology through SDK

Choose between your own stack, or utilise Opentag’s own CDN – the most popular in the world

Access, create and configure all your containers via an API to increase agility and speed of deployment across properties