Mobile and Web

One Analytics for one company. If you need to track a tracking tool, something is missing in your armor.

Cross Platform

Go beyond the paradigms of one screen to another. Say hi to your user.


Get a holistic view of your customer and optimize your value to reach him at least possible cost with the communication adapting to his understanding.


How well do you know your average customers?

Analytics360 helps hundreds of apps world wide to track thousands of data points, custom and usuals. It provides the tools to find insights about user actions and helps you improve your understanding and turn them into customers.
Any action depends on your know how.

Track Individuality

Every Individual user is different

Analytics360 ability is to give each user his own canvas. Our engine uniquely identifies his own path. When you go beyond retrieve and analyze common metrics and rather track every detail about your users, from click to last open time, from personal photo to app usage intervals, you get to know everything about him. Her best definition lies on her past actions, including in-actions, abandonment habits and more.
Any user can be understood well provided the details are kept.

Predict Behavior

Past is the best chance to predict future

Analytics360 has extremely intelligent AI engine to help you predict user behavior. This prediction of user behavior is created using his past activities, machine learning of his signature variables and persona modeling. With a robust classifier to predict intentions based on user behavior within a large enough data.
You can start building your funnel by knowing your user.

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