A Real Playground of Event Data

PetaData Cloud has two  pipes to let you play with any data you want to collect
Async Data :     All customer interaction at one place
Instant Data :  Engage with users in real time.


Collect Data from Sources like Mobile, Website, Cloud and other 3rd party apps
Ex :Advertising, CRM, Email, Helpdesk, Messaging, MobilePayment, Server, Website


Make Data ready to be processed. Schematize, load and analyze your data.
Ex: Postgres, SQL, RedShift


Send the customer data and the meaning with exact context wherever you need it.
Ex: Marketing Automation, Push, Coupons, CRM

Your Data, Your Streams

Enrich your event data with the data that you need to answer your most important questions, including:
  • GeoIP and business IP data
  • Weather data
  • Device, operating system and browser data (inferred from useragent strings)
  • Campaign, marketing and attribution data
  • Currency conversion rates
  • Third party data available from external APIs
  • First party data available in your own SQL databases and your own APIs

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