Petatag tag management system is designed to help manage the lifecycle of e-marketing tags and any kind of tag, which are used to integrate third-party software into digital campaigns.

Tag management built for marketers

Do it yourself agility

  • Custom Asynchronous HTML and JavaScript Tags
  • Custom Synchronous HTML and JavaScript Tags
  • A/B testing vendors tag templates
  • Facebook & AdWords conversion and remarketing pixels tag templates
  • Web analytics vendors tag templates Usability & CRO vendors tag templates

Ease of Mind Always

  • Inbuilt conditions and trigger templates
  • Custom conditions and triggers
  • Page View trigger
  • Click ID, Class or URL based trigger templates
  • Form submission trigger templates
  • Event trigger templates
  • Page URL based condition templates
  • Campaign parameters based conditions
  • (UTM based) Referrer based conditions
  • Trac source based conditions
  • Form ID, Class or URL based templates Browser data based condition template

Supported Variables

  • Inbuilt variables templates
  • Custom JavaScript variables template
  • URL based variables
  • 1st-Party Cookie variables
  • Data layer based variables
  • DOM element based variables
  • Constant template
  • Random Number template
  • Custom Event temple
  • Container Version template
  • Visual data layer builder

Testing and Debugging

  • Testing and debugging mode
  • Responsiveness (mobile friendly)
  • Events Log
  • Breakpoint mode
  • Simulate opt-out mode
  • HTML tag preview
  • Trigger preview mode

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