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Nearly 90 percent of the user in this world are on pre-paid plans and they can’t pay for it because it’s too costly for them. How can you expect them to use data freely for your app and website?

3 Hours of work = 1 Hour of Internet

Give them the power of free data with our in-app and browser based service. ReverseData.

It solves our biggest problem as app owner i.e. user retention.

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This is phenomenal.

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Reverse Data makes users use our app without being tensed about data usage

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Brand Journey

Connect all data in real time to find the Next Customer


Customer Journey

One place for your app to see, analyze and talk to customers


User keeps our apps to get free data to use that app.


10 mn users use ReverseData to get data back.


Each app which they download and use, alongwith the webpages they surf, gives back the free internet, with the help of 548 operators tied-up with us worldwide.


The Brands also release exclusive offers for the ReverseData users.


Adstuck is the first Indian company selected for the Katapult accelerator program. Adstuck will be focusing on their Microtask platform Majime to be fast paced to growth on blockchain platform and get help to launch its own token for the disconnected economy.

Katapult Accelerator selected 12 exponential technology startups in their second cohort to join the three-month accelerator programme in Oslo, Norway. The Katapult Accelerator made a selection from 1,500 impact-focused startups from all over the world. The 12 chosen startups will use exponential technology to solve the grand challenges of the world and with founders from and operations in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, USA, Spain, UK, Turkey, South Korea, Morocco, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, they represent nearly all continents. 50% of the selected startups have female founders. The Katapult Accelerator Fund invests up to USD 150,000 in each startup. Katapult Accelerator also provides a network of global investors and partnerships that can boost the startups in their next phase of development. “The Katapult Accelerator is a fast-paced and hands-on program to help build and scale startups that can solve environmental or societal challenges through exponential technologies.