Controlled Flow of  Continuously monitored People through Sanitised Spaces

Accurately measure & monitor the visitor vitals and location data in your place—without violating privacy.

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Maintain a Bubble which is errorfree, geofenced and feedback based for humans


Divide the whole space into geofenced zones for density and efficient movement

Contact Tracing

100 % foolproof contact tracing in minutes


Instant counting, monitoring through triple sensors to manage density of closed and semi-open spaces

Vital Monitoring

Detect the anomaly by most advanced algorithm on Oxygenation, Temperature and other vitals


Immediate access to user positioning for better knowledge about access and security


In the custom solutions, we first analyse the place and visitors in hand. This also involves knowing the current systems in place. We design the People model, Place Model, Integration Model and the Dynamics Model. Following this we start with executing the solution using the hardwares and software. The solution is future ready with api system in place.

People Model

Place Model

Dynamics Model

Integration Model

How it starts

Input – Analysis – Design – Execution – Integration

We can start with your own in-a-box solution and then move on with a holistic safety solution of SafeSpace.

Timelines for easy use-cases

1 Day or Immediate
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2 Days
Allow us with inputs for People, Place and Dynamics
2 Days
Delivery of Solution Design
3 Days and More
Contracting & Execution

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