Infectiousness is leakage of unmonitored people, unmonitored places and unsafe interactions

Continuous Safety
  • People generated
  • Movement generated
Spatial Safety
  • Space generated
Dynamic Safety
  • Activities generated
Workflow Safety
  • Routine Work generated
What is the value delivery of our location safety solution

Our Location model focused on Safety reduces the infection by 99 %, improves efficiency of places by 54 % and lets you back in track in better shape than pre-corona.


Relying on wrong tools to Detect the infected

You cannot use fluid based tests immediately. You cannot take the swabs and expect the visitor to wait and then you can proceed. So given the conditions of wait time, tech availability and Machine learning what is the near perfect way to detect an infected person. Continuous monitoring with all the vitals science and tech can take and run through the servers continuously to find the infected. This is easy 1 minute wearable which stays with the person for all the way. A cocktail of continuous data from oxygenation, temperature, ECG, heart rate and movement is definitely an alternative. But please stop allowing people to go into airport or office just by asking your guards to point the non-touch thermometer.

Haptic based behaviour modeler

Instant Alert and Negative Reinforcement of Social Distancing

Social distancing is a very important tool to dissuade the virus. But what have we done till now to enforce social distancing. We have seen people wearing lapels, wearing caps made of 2mtr balloons and then some low tech solutions. The use case is as simple as “keep the door closed poster”. People dont do it because they are busy. They are not pointing Sodar, the google AR app to make the soccer wall. They are also not following it with apps which just budge and we are allowed to switch off. It must be always on, always calculating and always vibrating in the hand. Above all it must be calculated and sent to the admin to keep us working on keeping the distance or face some negative reinforcement. When we drive cars we follow the distance rule, we can do that with our bodies, provided we have the always on physical reminder.

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