No more Infections.

Look for the use case and mix with your gentry, space and dynamics.
Places of Education
Places of Worship
Places of Transport

Airports and Flights

Vitals at entry

No touch access check

ML based 2nd level screening

Queuing at entrance

Zone wise Density

Times Sanitised per 1000 people moved in a sq mtr area

Positioning to identify exact location of each person for efficiency of workflow

Continuous Vitals monitoring

Social distancing budge and alert to Control centre

Places of Work


Qualified Employee Entry

Access Management for zones

Vitals at entry

Vitals at each 15 period

Allowance for meeting visitor

Meeting room, Lunch Area, Lobby Area workflows

Density of Each Zone

Sanitization of Different zones basis human movement and activity

Queue for corridor access

Waiting management at Parking

Waiting management at Elevators

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