Location Safety System That Works.

Surefire technology to open your place for people.

Human Flow in Sanitised Spaces

Zero Contagion focused Space Safety Design System

Leaving anything unmonitored is allowing Corona

Continuous Vital Monitoring

Temp, Oxygen Levels, Heart beat etc

Vitals Analysis System

Covid centric algorithm to detect infection based on vital variance

Social Distancing SureFire

Wearable which budges and is monitored and cannot be ignored

Zone Density Alerting

With wearable, positioning and mirror sensor, we fix number of people in a zone

Queue Management

A zone triggered, density balanced queue for any new zone or entry area

Space Zoning

Making the space divided into different kind of zones and managing them for flow of people

Flow Management

Density driven flow to allow efficient method to use and maximise capacity

Sanitisation Management

The goal to achieve sanitization of a zone when a certain number of people have occupied previously as a sub-routine

Access Management

Secondary but useful to track people and give access for a purpose

Central Control Centre

Easily connect all your systems and manage them from our SafeSpace Dashboard

Automated Counting System

Standalone system to be used for allowing a limited number of people in an area

Custom and Standalone Systems

Use a custom solution of our hardware or software or ask us to build that for you.

Controlled Flow of Qualified, Monitored Visitor through Sanitised Space

The concept of spaces and people-movement post-covid

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