Infection in places of importance can be stopped

Model the Safety, Elements Control and Restructuring existing Workflows can reduce infections by 99 %

Every infected person who enters and roams for 1 hour in 1000 sq ft area can …

Infect 7 More

This is the direct infection. The chain could go to over 10k if chain is not traced and broken. After 4 levels the chain becomes difficult to control.

Can get the place shut for 21 days

Workplaces, Transports like Flights can have immediate suspension of services.

At Continuous Risk

The pre-covid human movement workflow needs to change

Model of Safety

Spatial Safety

Safety index of a place

Continuous Safety

Safety index over time for a place or human

WorkFlow Safety

Index of safety while doing the flows of business ex movement, boarding

Dynamic Human Safety

Safety index wrt to people entering a place

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