to determine the roi of your social media activities, which hootsuite product would you use?

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In order to determine the ROI of our social media activities, Hootsuite Analytics should be used. Hootsuite Analytics provides a full picture of all your social media efforts in one central dashboard. This simplifies your social media analytics work. It saves time and makes it easy to compare aggregate results across networks.
You’ll see key metrics for each of your social posts, including:
Video views
Video reach

You’ll also see metrics for each of your profiles, including follower growth over time. You can select the metrics that matter most to you so you can see all the relevant results at a glance.
You can use the customizable templates to track, analyse, and monitor your performance on each social network. And with just one click, you can export these reports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or CSV. The result is a clear, easy-to-read social media analytics report to share with your team, your clients, or your boss.
Hootsuite Analytics also provides a clear picture of social team performance metrics, including:
Response time
Resolution time for assigned posts, mentions, and comments.

Hootsuite provides analytics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can track your trends in a simple, easy-to-use snapshot. You can view key engagement data such as likes, followers, post views, inbox sentiment, over a set date range. For Team, Business and Enterprise customers, you can get an additional Post Performance report, which displays key metrics for up to 100 recently published posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It’s a modern interface, which is easy to understand, showing you the number of comments, engagement, reach, reactions, shares, and so on. By understanding your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram analytics, you can learn about your audience, its demographic makeup and interests, what device they use, behaviour, and keywords. More importantly, by understanding the audience that liked and engaged with your content, you can use this information to target similar users and superpower your social media campaigns. Also, as the reports will show you which posts or images resonate most with your audience, you can understand the optimal time of day for posting. You can also use the data to the all-important conversion data per result metrics and conversion trackers.

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