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Television advertising is one of the traditional form of advertising and still continues to be one of the most effective advertising form. But with the invention digital media, it has paved the way for many new features and benefits that the TV advertisement cannot offer. Digital media advertising also called as internet advertising. Digital media advertising is when businesses share their form of promotional content of their products, services and brands through various digital media channels like social media, search engines, mobile applications, websites, affiliates, email marketing etc.
Search engines – search engines allows you to rank on the google places page. Search engine advertising can be paid or even organic form of advertising. This displays your advertisement to the people who are searching for something similar. So this brings you potential leads that can most likely be converted into sales.
Strong relationship – social media advertising allows you to not just target people on various basis, but it also lets you connect with your audience directly and it allow allows you to have one on one interaction with your audience. This builds strong relations with your audience and also builds strong trust about your brands.
Real time optimization – digital media allows you to optimize your ad campaigns real time. You can always allow you to edit and change your campaign settings.
Global reach – digital media allows you to advertise globally. You can literally control who can see your ad and who can’t from the comfort of your home.
Affordability – the amount of money you spend on advertising on digital media is far less than television advertising and it comes with a lot of benefits.

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