what is an app engagement ad

Updated on May 13th, 2020   06:14
yogi   0   posted 4 years ago   06:14

App engagement ads allow you to write text encouraging a specific action in your app, like checking in, making a purchase, or booking a flight. They allow you to send users to a specific part of your app where they can find what they’re looking for easier and faster than they could on the web. These ads can include your app icon and an “installed” badge to show users this is for an app they already have installed. You add a few descriptive lines, and you also customize the text of a button to take people into your app. The button leads users to your deep link.

Instead of a destination URL, you’ll need to enter a deep link that you or your app developer set up. You’ll also see a confirmation of your app URI, which defines the location in your app where Google Ads will send customers when they click on your ad.

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