What is the primary purpose of transactional websites?

Posted on June 1st, 2020   08:00   Digital Marketing
yogi   0   posted 4 years ago   08:00

A transactional website is an electronic storefront. This type of website uses marketing techniques to convert the online browser to a buyer. Manufacturers of consumer products do not often use them (since they want to avoid conflicts with retailers who stock their products). Transactional websites provide customers with the ability to conduct transactions through the financial institution’s website by initiating banking transactions or buying products and services. Banking transactions can range from something as basic as a retail account balance inquiry to a large business-to-business funds transfer. E-banking services, like those delivered through other delivery channels, are typically classified based on the type of customer they support

 The primary purpose of this type of website is to convert an online browser into an online, catalog, or in store buyer.

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