What is the purpose of email autoresponder?

Posted on June 1st, 2020   08:01   Email Marketing
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An autoresponder is a script that automatically replies to emails sent to a specific email address. It may be used for away messages, email confirmations, or for several other purposes.

Autoresponders can be configured on a mail server or using an email client. When configured on a mail server, the server automatically sends response emails while the autoresponder is active. Server-based autoresponders are often configured using a webmail interface.

Basically, they are any type of automated email—sometimes even a series of emails—that you write once, schedule, and send automatically.

Purpose of email autoresponders:

  • They give prospects a taste of what you have to offer. Sometimes, people simply aren’t ready to buy and want to get to know your brand first.
  • They enable you to deliver valuable content to your subscribers. This might include your latest blog posts, an email course, ebook, or content from your archive.
  • They help people stay in touch with your brand. Whether it’s a potential customer who’s interested in your business and wants to buy later down the track, or others in your industry who want to keep tabs on your company’s success.
  • They ensure subscribers don’t forget you. Simple emails like win-back campaigns and abandoned cart emails keep your brand front of mind.
  • Deliver the same great experience to every subscriber. You can ensure the same quality experience whether a user is receiving a customer service email or a promotional offer.
  • Let you sent relevant and personalized offers without sounding salesy. Sending a sales email to someone out of the blue can come off a bit sleazy. But when someone is already engaging with your brand they’re more likely to click through and convert.
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