What statement best explains how the internet affect newspaper and magazine?

Posted on May 12th, 2020   05:26   Digital Marketing
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The statement that best explains how the internet affect newspaper and magazine is “Newspaper and magazines can’t be killed but internet had made them use new form of journalism that is online journalism.” Newspapers and magazines were from the times when there was no telegraph, radio, and television and by they have survived this innovation but internet is proving to be major economic innovation of last two decades. According to the Pew Research Centre’s ‘State of the News media 2012” report, both the number of newspapers and the number of adults reading them have been dwindling since 1999. we know revenue for newspaper depends upon advertising revenue up to 80 percent and revenue from daily newspaper advertising dropped 44 percent from 2005-2009. Decrease in revenue generation leads to reduce overall newsroom staff by 25 percent. As we know technology demands adaption and so for print media. Readers demand instant access to news, so newspapers have created online editions. Print journals are adapting to an increasingly online market by offering web-only features such as blog, podcasts, and daily news updates. Regularly updating websites may help publications remain relevant as more readers turn to the internet to receive information. It is agreed by everyone that no matter what the medium is, the essentials of journalism remain the same: gather and report the news accurately, fairly and responsibly, giving readers, listeners, and viewers. But what has changed is the form of journalism. Newspapers and magazines remains an important source of news for several reasons. They also come with other supplements, such as magazines and television guides, and sources of entertainment, such as crossword. This makes it more attractive for some than going online. Newspapers and will not disappear; the internet is likely to become the more dominant source of news over time. More people turning to the internet for news and less towards print, many nations’ newspapers and magazines still publish their stories in print media but at the same time they also post their stories to their websites. Internet use is unrelated to newspapers and magazines, so it had little effect on those publications. Internet promotes reading, so it positively affected newspaper and magazine subscriptions online. Readers for online news sources and magazines increased, which boosted print publications. Readers for online news sources and magazines grew, but the readership for print publications shrank. Also as more magazines archive back issues on their websites, readers benefit by being able to search for old articles and, sometimes, entire editions. Many back issues are offered for free, but some publications require a subscription fee for this perk.

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