They were spending a lot of money on visitors and generating a lot of leads but the Marketing team was not getting enough Marketing Qualified Lead. The company was not able to confirm those as proper leads as when the return interest by marketing was done on the leads, they were uninterested. At second, when some of them were nurtured they were not turning into SQL.



MQL quality went up to 96 % accepted as SQL and that continued going up. Client went ahead to double the spend.

What was the scenario

BraunAbility is an American manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans and wheelchair lifts based in Winamac, Indiana. They had just relaunched their website and were looking for good MQL.


Increase in MQL


We decided to go the long way. The first strategy was to propel prospects at the Top of the Funnel. For this we resorted on three things. Magnetic and compelling content, Utilized video and promoted it and finally leverage customer and similar customer data. We started to target high-fit individuals that will benefit the most from your offering and provide your company with the highest customer lifetime value. It was like thinking about Sales qualified lead at this stage only. Since this is a B2C product we dug deep into better customer personas and that helped us idealize our customer base. We were very insisted within our team to go for some offer based promotion but that would have been all too easy. We decided the MQL of a inbound is the best one and stuck to it.