They were not getting enough people to engage their ads. The cost they were paying for that audience was again too high. Most of their ads were running barren, minimum to zero engagement. They were overthinking the targeting, making the age range too small, adding too many interests, behaviors or demographics or additional layers that are not necessary.



We explained them the importance of not targeting an audience that’s “too niche.” Facebook ranks ads through a lot of details, and one of them is the virality effect (to have a lot of activity on the ad, ideally in the form of comments).” We made people like their ad and Facebook started showing it to more people. At second we also spent some money on the like campaign of the site. This gave us a far larger reach.


We recorded that almost all our campaigns saw 33 % larger reach and 46% better engagagement.



What did we do for the result

As marketers, we established the balance between improved reach and quality of traffic. It was lot's of legwork. We injected a little brand personality into the Facebook and nearly 66% of the ads started working well. We created a psychological appeal to the ads.