Digital media marketing utilizes internet and online based digital technologies like computers,mobile phones and other devices among a host of other digital media and platforms for the promotion of products and services for a company. Simply put it is advertising through digital channels. This is where all the attention in marketing lies now, and it is essential for companies to monetise on this, incorporating it as a frontrunner for its marketing campaign.

We have talked a great deal on the types of digital marketing, on why it is essential , the key points to look for while looking to hire a marketing agency, and some more important key points before, we will talk about a select few of the top digital marketing agencies in Indiana.

Top digital marketing agencies

Here’s a list of top 8 companies in the realm of digital marketing agencies in the Indiana region.

eMedia Technologies,Inc.

  • Founded in 1998
  • Focused on increasing leads and top sales performance
  • Provide a multitude of digital marketing services like search engine marketing, social media campaigns 
  • Headquartered in Fort Wayne,IN
  • Equal focus on social media marketing, email marketing and mobile and app marketing
  • Has a keen focus on SEO optimisation for the clientele
  • Allow you to build your online presence by updating your website to garner more organic traffic on the internet, to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition
  • Provide paid search advertising and ASEO to improve your search engine rankings
  • Help create a more responsive web page for your company with Landing Page Optimisation and Marketing Analytics to help you reach out to the target audience with an efficient strategy with high conversion rates


  • SEO firm
  • Focused on providing “White Hat” SEO services to the local business market
  • Improve visibility and market position of clientele using organic SEO strategies designed to give you that coveted boost
  • Offer a customized social media planning strategy to reach out to your audience base, allowing you to actively participate in conversations on the web, forging a strong bond with your customers allowing for a greater conversion rate
  • Founded in 2005
  • Located in Indianapolis,Indiana
  • Average hourly rate is around $100-$149
  • Specialise in responsive web design, development and marketing services to businesses worldwide, with an experienced team to execute the strategy tailored for your company
  • Efficient PPC management is taken care of by the able bodied team right from selecting the right keywords and ads for your business down to day-to-day process of bidding
  • Industry focus varies from business services,automotive, consumer products and services   

Climbwire Digital Media

  • Founded in 2013 
  • Digital media division of Herald Times Newspaper and Schurz Communications
  • Provide digital solutions to the companies with a focus on small scale and medium scale companies to grow their business and improve their online presence
  • Focused on PPC to give your company a strategic boost
  • Located in Bloomington,IN
  • With a team of 50-249 people to help your business pipeline incorporate their strategy in a smooth fashion, provides the personal touch needed to leave an indelible mark

StarMedia, A Gannett Company

  • Established in 1903
  • Located in Indianapolis,Indiana
  • With a team of 250-1000 people and over a century of experience empowers central Indiana communities to connect and stay afloat in an expansive market
  • Provide a powerful marketing expertise
  • Subsidiary of USA Today Network and parent company of Indianapolis Star and the Indy Star
  • Have touched over a million lives through a vast array of digital,mobile and print products
  • Majority of the PPC focus is on branding and marketing strategy
  • Full focus on branding when it comes social media focus
  • Service Lines focus is primarily on advertising

Trends International LLC

  • Founded in 1987
  • Located in Indianapolis,IN
  • Leading publisher and manufacturer of licensed posters,calendars,stickers and social stationery products
  • Focused on building partnership between retailer,licensor,licensee.
  • Dedicated to providing the best quality product, competitive pricing, and customer service
  • Majority of the service lines focus lies on e-commerce development and content marketing
  • Social media focus is e-commerce development and social media marketing
  • Has an elite team of around 250 people at your beck and call

Elevated Marketing Solutions

  • Founded in 2017
  • Located in Indianapolis,IN
  • Hourly rate is approximately $100-$149
  • Minimum project undertaking is $1000+
  • Develops digital marketing solutions backed by customer data and results
  • Evaluate the workings of the target audience by a thorough analysis of the customer data and data-driven research work
  • Uses multiple channels for boosting business that include organic and paid traffic channels to drive revenue to your business
  • About 40% of the service lines focus is on social media marketing and PPC(Pay-Per-Click)
  • Tailored solutions to improve your social media presence and increased conversion rates 
  • A thorough rundown is carried out to get an idea of what it is that your company is trying to accomplish in order to provide an effective solution to overcome the shortcomings, by carrying out an audit of current digital marketing status, current data collection to narrow down the problem to base the research on, in order to provide the solution that would be efficient and just the right fix for your company

Herff Jones

  • Founded in 1920
  • Lead a team of 250-1000 people
  • Focused on honoring tradition and rewarding achievement
  • Located in Indianapolis,IN
  • 50% of the focus on service lines lies on E-commerce development
  • Complete social media focus is on social media development
  • Works closely with schools and communities to find lucrative solutions 
  • Actively involved in community outreach programs to give back to society and extend their feeling of goodwill

HUBX Media

  • Founded in 2017
  • Located in Carmel,IN
  • Minimum project undertaking is around $5000
  • Hourly rate is approximately around $150-$199
  • Digital Marketing Agency focused on multi-level web design ,SEO,digital marketing agency and social media marketing and management
  • A great deal of focus lies on mobile and app marketing and development with a dedicated team of 10-50 people
  • A 100% focus in frameworks and CMS lies on moulding responsive web design 

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