• Social Media Consultants act as eyes, ears and voice of a company in the Internet Word. 
  • They deliver awareness for your brand and deliver traffic to your website. 
  • Social Media Consultants help your company’s reputation to get on the top of all. 

Reasons to Hire a Social Media Consultant

Improve your Business 

  • They generate leads, contacts, even sales in some cases. 
  • They are not sellers, they are marketers. 
  • They even chat with customers on your behalf. 

Makes life easier 

  • Social Media Consultants save your time and efforts by contacting customers on your behalf.
  • They handle your facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media profiles. 

Act as your brand advocate 

  • They sing your praises. 
  • They let others know about your product or service. 
  • They help customers to resolve your queries. 

Helps to stay ahead of your Rivals

  • They help you keep up to date to the social media trends and thus help you develop your product or service according to these trends. 

They are always online

  • They always stay online, thus they are available for your customers every time. 
  • This helps to raise your brand reputation and presence in the market. 

Integrate your content with Social Media 

  • Social Media Consultants help you to integrate your product or service with Social Media.
  • This lets more people know about your brand. 

Makes new Social Media Strategies 

  • Social Media Consultants also provide services to make new and interesting Social Media Marketing strategies, so that it can attract more consumers. 

List of Social Media Consultants in Los Angeles 

  1. Kobe Digital 
  • They are known for their highly creative and detailed ideas and strategies. 
  • It has worked for O’hara Steel
  • It charges $50 – $99/hr
  1. Klient Boost
  • They have a team of highly experienced employs who are always available to assist you. 
  • They have worked for many restaurants, bars, Schools, Educational firms. 
  • It charges less than $25/hr.
  1. Metric Theory
  • They have specialization in making strong strategies and wast technical knowledge. 
  • It has worked for many software companies like Reward Software. 
  • It charges it’s fees according to the demands of clients. 
  1. Hawk SEM
  • They are precise about what they say and promise, they always deliver their promises and gain trust of their customers. 
  • It has worked for many software companies and educational firms. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.
  1. Insta Boost
  • They specialize in marketing on Instagram, they also prove to be highly creative with their content. 
  • It has worked for many well known companies like BrainBridge. 
  • It charges $150 – $199/hr.
  1. Search Engine Projects 
  • They have a team of highly creative and sincere employees. 
  • They have worked fir many hiring companies and educational firms like Talent Search. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.
  1. Casual Films
  • Thay have highly flexible working methods, so they become easy to work with. 
  • They have worked for companies like Botanicam, DHL, many technical firms, etc. 
  • It charges $50 – $99/hr.
  1. Digital Wise
  • They have specialisation in execution of marketing strategies and ideas. 
  • They have worked for companies like Swiftpage
  • It charges $150 – $199/hr.
  1. Bastion Elevate
  • They are diligent, creative,  efficient in their work and show a lot of ingenuity. 
  • It has worked for some top companies like American Sleep. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.
  1. Adstuck
  • It is one of the best Social Media Consultant as they have high experience, creativity and sincerity in their work. 
  • It has worked for some well known companies like Amazon, Flipkart, John Deere, ICICI Bank, etc
  • It charges its fees according to the scale and type of marketing strategy. 

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