Let’s talk about advertising. Advertising is one of the most common medium through which we collect information today. Advertising can be defined as a means of marketing communication that adopts a non-personal,openly sponsored message to promote a product,service or an idea in various forms, product placement,television ads,ads in theatres, radio, print advertising and so many more. Here’s an interesting statistic collated for you, businesses tend to make $2 for every $1 spent on GoogleAds. 

With the advent of social media, a new platform has jumped into the fray and a potential place for advertisements.Let’s see how important social media has become for advertising for a minute here. Social media platforms roughly capture 33% of the time users spend online, so effective marketing practices would be to analyze this chunk of population for targeted ads to be deemed successful for businesses.

 Here’s another juicy nugget for you,approximately 40% of the internet users happen to follow their favorite brands online, including the fact that 1 in every 4 users do happen to follow brands they plan to make a purchase from, which means these users are prospective customers, and the content shared would be the key in roping them in. Roughly 37% of online shoppers say they use social media platforms for “purchase inspiration”, appearing in mobile search and ad results could vastly improve a brand’s awareness by 46%, this all just goes to show how far has advertising come from simply being limited to print media, to virtually being everywhere in this fast-paced world.

Advertising agencies are the ones responsible for those advertisements of your favorite show returning this Monday to your TV sets, or your favorite basketball player endorsing your favorite sports drink, or your favorite actor promoting breakfast cereal(this kind of advertising is known as endorsement advertising where a celebrity is roped in to endorse a particular product).We would be discussing Adstuck advertising services today, but before we get to the gourmet, let’s get you ready with some appetizers.

Here’s a couple of advertising agencies that are the talk of town in the USA.Let’s count them down.

Caveni Digital Solutions

  • Founded in 2016
  • Focused on levelling the playing field for the small businesses by bringing them at level with the enterprise level businesses
  • Help smaller websites scale up their user base
  • Charge an hourly rate of $200-$300/hr
  • Located in Philadelphia,USA
  • Provide web development, digital marketing and brand strategy
  • Caveni houses an elite professional panel who specialize in drawing attention to your audience , that engages and inspires them allowing you to achieve higher conversion rates


  • Digital agency that is keenly data-driven
  • Located in Los Angeles
  • Founded in 2016
  • Hourly rate is $50-$99/hr
  • The primary goal is to increase company sales, boost ROI and improve ROAS through smart thinking and data analysis backed by thorough research
  • Starting from the idea presented to them, they create prototypes and design, polishing it to the final product which could then be branded as a website 
  • Technical marketing incorporates social media, chatbots, advertising and a lot more to strengthen the brand value
  • Statistics obtained from the initial wave is then compiled to obtain useful insights that help streamline the plan further


  • Located in Dover,USA
  • Hourly rate is $25-$49/hr
  • Help small and medium  businesses gain loyal customers
  • Provide exclusive content and a powerful strategy in order to build a strong long-lasting relationship with your customers by creating value 
  • Provide a full-stack marketing support team to maximize your streams of revenue
  • Dedicated service and constant development is the key mantra to their success

Socialiency Advertising

  • Combine creative ideas with ample experience to deliver tangible results to their clients
  • Use social media promotion to help engage your target audience , allowing you to build a better relationship with them
  • Located in Chicago,USA
  • Hourly rate is around $25/hr

BrandBurp Digital

  • Deemed a top web,app and brand digital marketing agency leveraging over 2000+ brands to boost their business each fiscal year
  • Located in NYC,USA
  • Hourly rate is around $25/hr


  • Branding and digital consulting agency
  • Located in Miami,USA
  • Hourly rate is $150-$199/hr
  • Amalgamation of creative directors, strategic thinkers, interior designers that come together to bring you some of the most engaging brand experiences meant for your target audience

Breakneck Creative

  • Located in Orlando,USA
  • Hourly rates are $25-$49/hr
  • Employees are largely comprised of freelancers
  • Provide an assortment of services to cater to your web design and development needs
  • Focused on providing a wholesome, user-friendly, customer oriented solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your project while boosting your sales 
  • Founded in 2019
  • Relatively new on the scene, Breakneck Creative has been making meaningful strides with its customers providing a synergy of customer and designer unparalleled among its rivals, as it combats traditional marketing techniques with its fresh approach. 


Coming in hot on the heels of a successful consulting company renowned for their expertise in the field of AR, Adstuck is all set to introduce advertising solutions in Indianapolis. Buckle up, to be mind blown by a diligent, hardworking team to deliver your idea and render into an elegant and effective solution to suit the needs of the next customer, having had experience with dealing with more than a few Fortune 500 companies, Adstuck has the necessary arsenal to establish a quick footing in an essential business with its data analytics driven approach with a relentless team of trained professionals ranging from engineers,web designers , to graphic designers to execute your strategy striving to work towards building lifelong customer relations by not relying on cookie-cutting solutions or stringent practices, but focusing on results to drive your workflow pipeline. 

Be ready to have all your troubles be blown into thin air by the capable team at Adstuck.

Adstuck is ready to give you data-backed , analysis driven proven results that are a  testimony to the  resounding success of all the clients Adstuck has worked with .Adstuck provides you with a vast array of services to supplement your marketing campaign ensuring excellence is the key to achieve legitimate,tangible results. At the end of the day, customer service is very essential to ensure a company is legitimately turning around the businesses of its clients, allowing for positive reinforcement and growth of the business, whilst forging strong ever lasting bonds with your target audience. Adstuck helps you leave a mark on your customers, willing to come back every time they are faced with a problem having placed their trust on your company. Begin  your journey as we speak to take your business to the next level, allowing room for more challenging undertakings and daunting assignments. Adstuck got your back.

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