Internet marketing is simply leveraging web based channels to spread word about your brand, services or products to your target audience in the hopes of converting those leads into customers. We have talked about various digital marketing techniques that help you strengthen your digital marketing campaign. There’s email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising , SEO , Google Adwords.

In fact with each passing day we are introduced to a whole set of emerging channels to help you engage your audiences. This is why it is imperative for you to optimize your internet marketing strategy in order to get the best results out of your campaign with the right amount of effort, resources and time being spent in fruitful pursuits. So what would be the steps involved in doing so? Let’s take a look at each step individually.

  • Do Your Homework

Gather data. Collect inputs from your target audience. This will help you get an insight as to what you are doing right? What are some of the things you could do away with? What could you improve upon? Identify places to redirect your resources and time in order for your efforts to take a meaningful turn allowing you to see a growth spurt. What kind of data are we talking about here? 

  1. Visitor Behavior/ Browsing Path
  2. Cost per visit
  3. Campaign and Referring URL
  4. Cost per Lead
  5. Time to Sale
  6. Revenue,Profit,ROI

Look for hidden deficiencies, dig deeper to scrutinize the less obvious details . It’s time to weed the redundancies out. Focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

  • Hone Your Campaign

How would you improve upon what you have now? Work on revamping the advertising channels, the landing pages, the lead nurturing emails , Lead Distribution and Marketing copies. These changes should come after having analyzed what your strategy is missing, and having identified the areas you could improve. It’s time to sharpen the battle axe.

  • Identify Automation Opportunities

You have located the weak spots. You have refurbished your marketing campaign and made the changes, what’s remaining? Find opportunities to automate. Allows you to create responsiveness, reliability and frees up time for your team to pursue those leads. You could automate Lead Nurturing. Deploy software that identifies when must communication be established with a lead, and what should that communication entail, by specifically targeting each prospect. Make sure that while crunching the numbers your software has the following parameters in mind:

  • Conversion Type
  • Lead Score
  • Campaign Response
  • Time Since Conversion
  • Website Behavior

Automation of sales force on top of Lead Nurturing would help improve the efficacy of the whole process boosting morale, increasing productivity making sure you have a higher conversion rate giving your business the required boost.

Well all that is well and good, but how about we delve a little deeper into some techniques to help you actually optimize your process:

  • Content Marketing Techniques

Focus on an integrated content marketing strategy personalized for your marketing campaign. Take a look at what is trending in your niche. What are people sharing in your niche? That would give you an idea that people find engaging at the moment, thus giving you material to focus your content to rope in clientele. Maybe even try amplifying your campaign with a touch of extra. Find influencers in your niche to help you do your bidding to draw the people’s attention.

  • Big Data

Big Data encompasses market and customer insights. Due to the onset of data-driven marketing leveraged by companies to get an edge over their competitors, owing to the fact that it is more effective than the traditional mass advertising. Big Data is helpful in gaining important insights to improve the customer experience, increasing the repeat rate, and a higher closing rate for the businesses deploying Big Data.  

  • Marketing Automation Techniques

Some of the techniques to help you out with Marketing Automation would be CRM(Customer Relationship Management), Behavioral Email Marketing, and Web Personalization(showing you stuff you might like based on their search history, an important tactic used by businesses to scale their target audiences)

  • Mobile Marketing

Though retail conversion rates may be consequently lower on mobile phones, it still continues to affect the search marketing parameters via Google that still runs on ‘mobile first’ mantra. Hence mobile marketing has the upper edge when it comes to serving more applicable and relevant content for clients and unburdening the businesses in the process.

But multi platform campaigns do fare far better than mobile only campaigns. Something to keep in mind. 

  • CRO To The Rescue

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization helps you a great deal when it comes to studying your lead scores , helping you evaluate your internet marketing techniques and boost your sales in a data-driven, streamlined, result-oriented fashion. An upcoming metric, but considered a very powerful digital marketing technique.


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