Marketing is the ever changing and growing concept. We already know some of the marketing strategies and types and how they have impacted the world like a revolution. Traditional marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, paid marketing, digital media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, contact marketing and many more. But wait, what is contact marketing? Sounds new? Let’s check it out



Contact marketing is the combination of marketing and sales. It is mainly focused on building the contacts with high value VIPs. It is about creating and building long lasting relations with VIPs and CEOs of any company or business which will result in generating more sales and benefit the company is achieving its marketing goals.

According to the author of the book How to get a Meeting with Anyone Stu Heinecke’s,Contact Marketing is the discipline of using micro-focused campaigns to break through to specific people of strategic importance, often against impossible odds, to produce a critical sale, partnership, or connection”.

Stu Heinecke’s has started and is successfully running his own Contact Marketing Agency. He says contact marketing has been his secret weapon that he used to change the scale of his business and in his book How to get a Meeting with Anyone he has shared about lot of things that will help you successfully implement contact marketing to your business and grow your organization scale. In his book he has talked about –

  • How to contact and create profitable and long lasting relationships with VIPs and CEOs.
  • How to connect, pitch the idea and influence VIPs and CEOs to build profitable relationships with them.
  • How to confidently deliver your message.
  • Contact marketing strategies and influential techniques to put into use in connecting with the VIPs and to create high ROI campaign that is perfect for your business.
  • How to build your identity in contact marketing to stand out of the crowd and boost your organization scale.

Contact marketing is very different from other forms of marketing. This involves going out of the box to build connections with the VIPs and CEOs to create campaigns and achieve results by successfully achieving business goals.



  • Contact marketing can also be said as account based marketing
  • Contact marketing is a mixture of both sales and marketing
  • Completely different approach from traditional sales and marketing
  • Focus is on select, small group of VIP and CEO prospects
  • There won’t be any large targeting, organizing contests or landing pages
  • ROI that cannot be ignored
  • Ultimate goal is to increase the scale of organization and build profitable long lasting relationships.

By now we know what contact marketing actually is and what its benefits are. But to give life and build any new marketing campaigns, it needs proper planning, research, and implementation that is sure to not make any losses to the company. Same way, to start a contact marketing campaign we need to follow certain steps.


  1. MICRO TARGETING – micro targeting is the process of selecting a very limited and small amount of prospects who are generally VIPs and CEOs of companies with great brand establishment and image. It is about selecting only those few influential prospects who can change your business and help you in achieving your business goals.
  2. THE CONTACT LETTER – Stu Heinecke regards this to be one of the most essential move to get contacts and meetings. He tells about how starting with a hook that will get the prospects attention and also to immediately mention and the issue that needs to be addressed without wasting lot of time saying about other stuff.
  3. STATEMENT – the letter has to be as confined as possible so that the prospects directly know what you actually want and it has to be in a catchy manner.
  4. OFFER – mention about the things you can offer them in exchange for an opportunity to meet and discuss about your business and about working with the prospect.
  5. EMOTIONAL CONNECTION – Stu also says that building and emotional connection with the prospect by using simple language tone is an advantage. He also says being honest and open adds value for the long run relationships.
  6. PLANNING AND DEFINED GOALS – be clear with the plans and what the ultimate goal of your business in working with the prospect is.
  7. CONFIDENCE – confidence is something that is important in anything that you want to achieve. While communicating with the prospects be confident and put your best work ahead.
  8. OBJECTIVES – be clear with the objectives you are looking forward to achieve and also explain them in a way that will guarantee you their attention grabbed.
  9. ENSURE ITS FEASIBILITY AND DESIRABILITY – your plan and strategy must be balanced and innovative in a way that could benefit both you and your prospect.
  10. BENEFITS – talk about how your business can be benefited with this deal. Not just your business, but explain the prospect on how tying up with your business and working together can benefit both of you in driving the organizational growth and help each other.

ADSTUCK – A full service digital marketing and advertising agency founded in 2012 by Abhishek Shankar has led this company with full grace and passion to be standing as one of the top companies today. Adstuck is the one stop step for your business.

Adstuck not only excels in ecommerce marketing, digital marketing and advertising services but it also excels in working and developing new technologies. Adstuck has built India’s first and the biggest Augmented Reality platform called ‘AREAL’. Their app ‘Alive’ was acquired by Times internet in 2013. Post that Adstuck built a self-serve platform called to let everyone to build their own Augmented Reality engagements. This has helped lot of businesses in fulfilling their company goals.

Adstuck provides email marketing, social media marketing, facebook marketing, ecommerce, advertising, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and few other technology related services to all kinds of businesses irrelevant of its size. It has worked with some of the most renowned brands like John Deere, Myntra, flipkart, Ola, ICICI bank, amazon etc.

With a team of more than 100+ designers, 90+ marketers, 200+ developers and 700+ projects it has its wings spread across the world. It has its branches working in India, Singapore, USA, Estonia and many of its people working in remote areas they provide best services and are one of the top companies working with the mix of digital technologies.

Services provided by Adstuck are –

  • Email marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Email marketing automation
  • Email marketing strategy
  • ESP consultancy
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Email automation and custom integrations
  • Digital strategy
  • Digital organization
  • The culture of digital
  • End-to-end transformation
  • Branding
  • User experience funnel
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales focused online marketing
  • Branding focused online marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Advertising
  • Security services
  • App development
  • Web development
  • Data analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Automation services
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  • Cloud and infrastructure
  • Tech outsourcing
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Management and crowd work
  • Corporate functions
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Service operations
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning solutions



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