Marketing can be said as fuel for a company. It keeps driving revenue inside. Marketing is the process of creating, communicating and selling products or services to the potential customers. However, this process is a lot more complex than it can be defined. To simplify this process, there are many technologies that can be used. It is called marketing automation.

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Marketing automation can be defined as a process where technology and soft wares are used to automate repetitive marketing processes that takes place on regular basis in a marketing campaign.

In simple terms, marketing automation is a technology that makes marketers life easier by saving lot of time and money.

Companies are always looking and exploring new ways to grow their sales and revenue. Marketing automation is one tool that can make this happen.

According to a surgery conducted by Lenskold group, 78% of the marketers believe that marketing automation plays a very crucial role in revenue growth. Contrarily, 51% of the companies were still not using marketing automation. Now that the times have changed and companies are more open to new technologies, this tool is valuable to have by your side.

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  • Marketing automation help in making campaigns more accurate.
  • It helps in gaining better leads and empowers the sales team.
  • Marketing automation helps in increasing the ROI and revenue.
  • Better leads generate better sales. This improves the sales of the company.
  • Helps in analyzing accuracy of campaigns by their accurate ROI.
  • It saves lot of time as it is automated.
  • Comparatively very less human errors are made.
  • Marketing automation allows you to have all your important data like clicks, conversion rates, traffic etc. in one place.
  • Allows personalization which leads to better customer and in house relationships.

For better understanding, we have listed some of the best marketing automation practices.

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  1. MAPPING OUT THE LEAD STAGES – The primary focus of any marketing campaign is generation on leads that can eventually be converted into sales. Marketing automation helps you create and keep a track of them.

Many companies classify leads as the following stages –

  • Anonymous – this stage involves those people who have been browsing your website.
  • Known – here the person’s intensions are identified and is now part of your target marketing campaign.
  • Engaged – someone who has subscribed to your notifications or have engaged with you on any other way. (On this stage you still are not sure if they’re ready for the sale, so you nurture them towards getting interested in buying)
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – here the person is ready to be targeted.
  • Sale Accepted Lead (SAL) – here marketers determine if the lead is ready for the sale or not. If they’re not ready, then it’s sent back for further nurturing.
  • Won/Lost – here either the lead is converted as a sale and has won or it is not been converted as a sale and has lost.
  • Disqualified – these are the leads who are probably never going to buy from you. So you discard them.
  1. LEAD SCORING AND LEAD QUALIFICATION – Lead Scoring is a process where you rate the leads and analyze if they are ready to be qualified as MQL and SAL and pass through sales or if they need further nurturing. Once they’re sent back to nurturing, you have to classify them again from the beginning.

Lead scoring can be done based on their demographics, behavioral actions, age, gender, job profile etc. This is one of the critical stages of marketing automation. This is the stage where you can really grab the customers’ attention and generate future revenue.


  1. FAST TRACK LEADS – During marketing, there will be some leads who are definite to purchase your product or service. This can be indicated when the leads ask for demo or signup forms or free account trails etc. This indicates that those leads are surely interested in you. These leads can directly be scored same points as it takes to be a MQL by the automation tool and will automatically qualify them.


  1. SETTING UP TRIGGERS – With the help of marketing automation, you can set a trigger an automatic trigger when a lead gets qualified, marketing automation tool directly triggers the sales team by creating a task for them to follow up.

Triggers can also be created for any call to actions. Say you want to send a thank you and stay tuned emails for those people who subscribed to you, you can have a text pre-drafted and the automation tool will trigger for every nee subscription.

  1. PERSONALIZATION, SEGMENTATION, AND TARGETING – Marketing automation stores contact data which includes sales, marketing, and customer support automation all at one place as an all-in-one CRM. That data can be used to segregate the data into different groups. It can be helpful to create targeted email marketing campaigns that speaks only a particular point.


  1. LEVERAGE EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGNS – Email drip campaigns consist of pre-drafted content, which are pre-loaded in the tool and are sent at specified times, on the basis of actions by leads. This can be used to welcome new customers, run nurturing campaigns, onboard new clients etc. Which is all pre-loaded in the system and automated.


  1. SEND EMAIL NEWSLETTERS – Email newsletters keep customers informed about what’s new and great at your company. Sending out email newsletters is the oldest way of marketing but a very effective method. Marketing automation tools provide email newsletter templates and an intuitive drag and drop email builder which makes it easy to set up.


  1. RUN MULTICHANNEL CAMPAIGNS – Marketing automation also supports and allows you to run multi-channel marketing campaigns. They can be done through various channels, such as email, social media, SMS text messaging, videos, etc. The leads will be unique, like smaller leads look to social media and older leads look to emails. By providing a lot of Information about your business using various methods will bring a lot of traffic to your business.


  1. SOCIAL LISTENING AND MONITORING AND IDENTIFYING BRAND ADVOCATES – Social listening and monitoring capabilities are not that often given importance it needs. But marketing automation helps you by notifying when someone mentions your brand’s name on social media. This helps you in engaging with them when they’re engaging with you.

Engaging and nurturing your relationship with them will eventually lead to better customer relationships and encourage them to promote your brand more often.


  1. LEAD GENERATION TOOLS – Marketing automation tools help you in streamlining your leads. MA tools also allows you to create landing pages with lead forms to obtain information required. These forms had to be attractive as it helps in generating more leads. If the person is not interested in subscribing to you, they can just simply exit these pop in lead pages and continue to browse.


  1. CLEANING – Cleaning your database is necessary to remove duplicates, fake contacts, discarding the disqualified leads etc.


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