Let’s talk about marketing consultants. What is a marketing consultant? Well logically it should be someone you can consult concerning your business,right? That would be approximately correct. A marketing consultant is an advisor hired by companies to create and execute marketing strategies.

 But what does a marketing consultant’s job entail?They should be packing a special set of skills, copywriting,TV advertising,Public Relations and obviously all kinds of marketing(social media,online, non-profit etc) Well they should have the ability to create a detailed plan, determine the message to be delivered for the company to boost its growth. 

They would have to monitor results and provide a little impetus for the best results from the marketing efforts. Marketing consultants could either work independently or be a part of some marketing firms. Let’s shift the discussion to the marketing firms, now that you are beginning to grasp the work of a marketing consultant.

Some of the top firms that offer you marketing consultancy services in the city of Chicago are :


  • Provides personalized support to businesses to improve their online presence
  • Currently the leader across the United States in personalized digital marketing.
  • Delivers the best digital marketing services with a dedicated team of experts supporting you at every step, through local search marketing , review reputation and management, paid advertising and social media among a plethora of meaningful other services.
  • Optimizes its digital approach to ensure businesses stay up to date with the changing times while strengthening their online footprint
  • Efficient and Affordable pricing models amply suited for the businesses looking for cost effective solutions.
  • Also specializes in content creation,local listing, marketing automation,email marketing,SEO optimization

Simple Truth

  • Assists B2B,B2C and nonprofit organizations in the Chicago area.
  • Riding on the back of experience, the team at Simple Truth strives hard to provide you the solution to your marketing problems by carefully breaking it down, and taking it bit by bit.
  • Past clients include AllState,Choose Chigaco,Northern Illinois University
  • Specialise in branding,research,customer communications,employee management, and email marketing,website design,messaging strategy among so many others.

CBD Marketing

  • Located in Illinois,specializes in hosting training sessions, meant to improve the strength of the core team.
  • Customized to suit the client needs and entail brand and business strategy, content development,public relations, social media
  • Also provide a wide assortment of other services, like analysis of current marketing strategies, content development, media planning and buying.

Chicago Digital

  • With a retainer based budget of $1000-$2000, Chicago Digital moulds websites and online marketing solutions
  • Identified as supremos by Adobe Business Catalyst Platform, it houses a content management system that makes it easy for small to medium businesses to manage the workflow.
  • Stands apart via the undisputable online marketing strategies, personalized websites and campaigns to engage more customers to help boost the growth of the company to far greater heights.

Clique Studios

  • Commercial focus lies on B2B,B2C companies
  • Project based budget goes upward of $10,000 with a retainer based budget of over $5000, it makes a revenue of a cool 5-10 mil in a fiscal year
  • Specializes in branding,web design, web development,pay-per-click,SEO optimization,market research, graphic design,mobile application development,market research in a pantheon of others.
  • Boasts a team of engineers,strategists,designers working together to handcraft the best solutions for your business,stringing together content strategy,design,engineering, and marketing into one discipline, dubbed as content experience.
  • With a whopping 10+ years of experience, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, which is saying something as to the stature of this award winning firm
  • Supports platforms like Adobe Creative Suite,Drupal,Google Analytics,Hubspot,WordPress among others.


  • With a retainer budget of $5000+,provides services internationally.
  • Deals with experience design and strategy as the key to their functioning
  • Believe in the power of storytelling to get through clients, forging a narrative-driven approach into a tangible strategy for the future, by allowing the clients to clearly define challenges, craft innovative customer experiences.
  • Specialize in advertising,digital marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click,SEO optimization,Web Design, Web Development, Market Research, Mobile Application Development,User Experience , User Interface.
  • Support Adobe Creative Suite,Google Analytics,SquareSpace,WordPress.
  • Situated in Illinois,Chicago

50,000feet Inc.

  • Brand consultancy and creative agency providing marketing strategy,design and technology services to clients globally
  • After reviewing the company’s current standing and the business objectives provides comprehensible insight into achieving further growth.
  •  Services include market research, content strategy,product marketing,communications planning and campaign development 
  • Clients include BBVA,NYSE,Abbott,International Truck


  • Specialises in growing cloud and e-commerce revenue among its prospective clients in the Chicago area
  • Has several marketing teams, with four members each (specialists) that handle the major aspects of your business, meant to provide you a sense of trust, and reliability by allocating a small set of highly skilled workers.
  • Marketing teams help you with strategy development, content creation, audience engagement and management, thus allowing for more brand exposure to boost your business
  • Data-driven strategy is backed up by the management teams assigned to you while offering full transparency throughout the whole process possessing a profound knowledge of SEO optimisation, to give you the edge you need.
  • Use a transparent scientific approach converting web experiences into ROI
  • Clients include BlueCotton,Decorilla,Portage,Ministry of Supply

Now that we have talked about some of the best consulting firms in Chicago, changing the marketing landscape as we speak, I would like to discuss upcoming marketing firms in the area. Buckle up, it’s story time.

Adstuck Consulting founded by Abhishek Shankar on 23 January 2012, brings augmented reality to the table of marketing consulting, how so, you ask? Let’s take a gander.

Areal the brainchild of Adstuck Services, is India’s first and biggest AR platform. But what is AR to begin with? AR is the intersection of audio, graphics, including any other sense enhancements in real time, by erasing the difference between the digital and  the real paradigm. The technology works by incorporating these 3 technologies to achieve this:head-mounted display, tracking system and a mobile computing power all rolled into one unit. A list of customers ranging from Flipkart to ICICI bank, it has enabled digital transformation through the services and the products provided. Notable creations include a self-serving platform arealmotion.com to let everybody make AR engagements on their own.(crazy , right?)

Early 2013, Adstuck developed ReverseData. It gives data back to any browser or app user using the internet, as unique as it sounds. An AI development company that provides a competitive edge over other businesses while promoting a 360 degree transformation, incorporated into your workflow pipeline . The vision at Adstuck has always been to create free, better and safer experiences on the web and mobile, for the user. With headquarters in Gurgaon and Mumbai in India, it caters to clients abroad with branches at New Jersey and California in the US, Singapore and Tallinn,Estonia soon to expand to open up in Chicago as well. Specialize in sales,digital marketing and mapping out a concept map for the near future with the prospective business at the centrefold. Understanding that speed is key, Adstuck adopts an acceleration model, reducing costs upto 60%, providing free internet(yep you heard it right). A decorated company with over 30 Fortune 500 companies in the bag, Adstuck has been lauded time and time again for its contributions and its creations that have smoothed the transition of several companies into a new world, with AR as a stepping stone, that claims tangible results within 30 days. Ranked 17,018,883 among websites globally based on its 205 monthly web visitors,supports WordPress,Vimeo,GSuite.

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