We live in a huge world with population around 7.8 billion and around 4.33 billion active internet users and it keeps increasing every second. Internet is pretty mush used for everything now, to learn, search information, entertainment, news, and moreover this is a huge opportunity for any business and almost every business today wants to go online. Establishing online platforms for your business has proven to be essential for wide reach of audience and building brand images. It is clearly evident that internet is a huge thing and internet marketing is the biggest market platform today. 

Internet marketing also called as online marketing/emarkering/web marketing/ digital marketing means promoting business online and creating brand awareness by targeting your choice of audience to generate leads, increase sales and grow the company. Internet Marketing requires planning and strategies to make profits which is said as the internet marketing strategies. 

Just like businesses analyze, plan and strategize every move they make internet marketing also requires to be understood, analyzed, planned and strategized to achieve it’s goals. 

When compared to traditional marketing, internet marketing provides affordable and better services with clear results and data to be analyzed. 

Internet marketing is a vast subject with various types. Here are some internet marketing types which provide unbelievable results when used in a right way – 

Social Media Marketing –

The name itself says a lot. Social media marketing is process of driving traffic, generating leads, making sales, building brand image and it is a great way to interact with you viewers and customers directly to know and analyze what customers exactly look for. 

Platforms that most of us come across everyday such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Blogs etc uses social media marketing. Companies establish their presence in such platforms and try to reach their target potential audience to make them aware of their company and services that they usually provide. 

Social media marketing can be split into two types – Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing. 

  • Organic Marketing means trying to gain customers naturally over time instead of paying for links or post boosters. This type of marketing completely depends on time, content and how a company interacts with it’s audience. 
  • Paid Marketing means paying to reach more target and potential audience through running advertisements on different social media platforms like Blogs, Facebook or Instagram etc. These kind of advertisements are very common these days. For example profile links like “sarees for sale”, “50% offer only for today” etc. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 

Search engine optimization is used to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic, taking steps for the website to be found in the search results and optimizing the website to drive organic or unpaid traffic to the website  when someone searches for something similar or relates keywords.  Companies use SEO Strategies which basically means outlining, planning and implementing steps that will drive organic traffic to the website. 

SEO is of three types – 

  • ON-PAGE SEO –  On-Page SEO means optimizing web pages to rank higher on google places page and eventually to drive more traffic and generate more sales. On-Page SEO includes both content and HTML source code of the page that can be optimized.  In simple terms, On-Page SEO refers to the factors of the website that can be controlled. 
  • OFF-SEOOff-Page SEO refers to factors that cannot be controlled. Like backlinks from a different site, page ranking factors that occurs off the website. Off Page SEO includes factors like social media marketing, guest blogging, linked and unlinked brand mentions, influencer marketing etc.
  • TECHNICAL SEO  As the name says, technical SEO supports in managing all the technical aspects of a website. It optimizes a website faster, easier and understandable for the search engines are the most important part. 


Content marketing is creating content for websites, blogs, and any kind of social media platforms. It is all about creating content, distributing and promoting it online. Content marketing in simple terms it means to create engaging and interesting content to attract audience and interact with them. This helps in attracting audiences, engaging them on the social media platform and converting them into potential customers. There are infinate forms of content that businesses use. Like Blogs, podcasts, articles, graphics, videos, ebooks and many more. 

Search engine optimized content is the best from which includes both SEO and content marketing. Optimizing the content with the best suitable keywords will eventually result in gaining more traffic, increase the number of clicks, generate more leads and increase sales. All these factors are something that every business aims for. For example, this article optimized with best suitable keywords ranks on higher Google places page which eventually drives traffic to the website. Content and keywords are said to be heart and soul of a website. With good content you retain audience and with good keywords you reach wide audience. So in a way both SEO and content marketing goes hand in hand.

Our audience get amazing free content about lot of relavent stuff and on how to grow your business with us. This is a win-win situation where both parties are in a good place and are getting what they want. 


The first thing we need to first know here is, Who is influencer? An influencer is a person who has large following. An influencer can be any celebrity, a singer, politician, business personality, and anyone who has mass following. 

So now, what is influencer marketing? 

Just like the name says, influencer marketing is promoting products or services through influencers to their online following. 

An influencer can be anyone. A person who runs a makeup blog with around 2000 followers to a celebrity who owns millions of followers. Influencers usually charge for their each post they promote for a brand. Brands tie up with influencers to make sales and generate profits and brand awareness. Brands tie up with these influencers and most of the time advertise with a referral code which will state as giving discounts when a purchase is made using that referral code. This allows both the marketer and the influencer to make money and grab people’s attention.

For example – world famous cricketer Virat Kohli promoting Audi cars, a chef promoting healthy oil, dancer promoting headphones, a body builder promoting his supplies, like a makeup artist promoting her makeup supplies etc. 


Affiliate marketing is a method where the businesses setups external links to market their product. In such case a business can acquire lot of sales. External link can be any online website or a person who promotes the company’s products and services. When they make a sale successfully they would receive their commission on that sale. This kind of marketing helps business in targeting more customers and guaranteed sales. And the commission given on sales will boost up the external persons as they get to earn money with literally very less or no money spent at all. Affiliate marketing can happen both online and offline. But mostly it is an online marketing done by an influencer who puts up the link on his site or any new content he shares stating a referral code or just a link saying “40% off when you buy through the link below”. 

Another example can be, a sale man who sells books.door to door will receive certain share of commission for every book he sells. Have you ever thought why sales person who is trying to sell something to you works so hard? Well this might be one of the reason. Affiliate marketing might be the reason that he’s so desperate to sell that book to you.


Email Marketing is also a internet marketing type and strategy to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. This form of marketing might not seem to be as interesting as other forms but it is proved to be effective when used in a right manner. Email marketing is all about directly sending emails to people with your services and offered written in a very attractive and professional manner. Some things to be remembered in email marketing is that the mail should clearly state – 

  • your company – it is very important to give people real information about youe identity.
  • Your products or services – clearly state the kind of product or service you offer and also tell them how they can avail it and be benefitted by it.
  • Catchy headline – title of the mail should be such that a person will definitely wanna open and read it.

We know that most of such mails might go unread or unseen by the audience but this kind of marketing is about reaching out to that one potential client and offering your best services.


Paid Advertising is a form of internet marketing that has been used by many businesses. Paid Advertising can also be called as Pay-per-Click. In this type of advertising the advertiser runs his advertisements on any social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even on google places page. The advertisers only pay for the ad when they get clicked or it won’t charge any money. In this method of advertising it is very important convert those leads into sales. 

On PPC advertising the advertisers and digital media marketers bid on the advertisement per click. The person with Highest bid gets the top place on google places page which eventually means gaining more clicks and sales. 

Google Ads can be a great example of PPC advertising. Google Ads is all about creating and running campaigns and  adgroups. Google Ads provides lot of options to advertisers like bidding on clicks, location targeting, audience targeting, site link extensions, call-out extensions, app extensions, message extensions and many more such tools which help in reaching the audience worldwide and building brand image. 


Viral marketing is when something catches the attention of masses. When a post or anything has any weird, funny or strange way that reaches the masses and it drives a lot of traffic to it. This generates traffic, leads, sales, improves brand image and geenrates revenue. 

This kind of marketing is hard to work on but it is definitely worth waiting. 

Internet marketing today helps businesses stand strong in the largest market of the world today I.e. online market. Like every other marketing technique and strategies, even internet marketing has its won pros and cons. But in this case pros are greater than cons. With it’s services being so affordable and guaranteed profits when done in a right way, almost business today has realized and started maintaining it’s online presence in a serious manner. 

As you carefully understand Internet marketing and it’s strategies the only problem is – Too Many Options! 

This is why we as a company provide other companies, businesses and even individuals digital marketing solutions. If you are also looking to expand your online presence with someone who would guarantee you the right strategies put to work and make your profits and build your brand, then reach out to us at adstuck.com or  or call us at 9654677057 or mail us at [email protected] and we’ll put all our efforts in providing you the best services. 

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