“Marketing is the process of attracting customers towards a product or service “


Marketing is a process of attracting customers towards a product or service. Marketing involves researching, promoting, selling and distributing a product or a service. 


Why Marketing? 

1. Marketing engages customers 

     Engaging customers means to provide them with required information about the product/service. In todays generation of internet, social media becomes the best medium to engage customers. 

2. Devlop reputation of company 

      The growth of a company is directly proportional to yhe development of company’s reputation because ,usually, customers decide the quality of a product or service on the basis of company’s reputation. 

3. Make trust 

     The quality of marketing makes customers to trust the company’s product or service. Different companies use different strategies to attract customers and gain their trust. 

4. Sale booster

     Marketing acts as sales booster for any product/service. The more a product gets advertised among the crowd the more people cime to know about it which ultimately increases the sales of the product/service.

5. Gives competition 

     Marketing plays a major role in competition of products of same category of different companies. Nowadays, marketing strategies are made in such a way that it competes with it’s rival companies. 


Marketing Firms 

  • Marketing firms are those companies which help a business and a company to grow by promoting their products and services through different marketing strategies in the mainstream market. 
  • The main role of marketing firms is to create and execute marketing strategies to increase the sale of product.
  • Marketing firms observevthe requirements of the world and make marketing strategies according to it.
  • Marketing firms also provide facilities like telemarketing, social media marketing, market research, etc. which ultimately enables more people to know about the product/service.
  • The main target of marketing firms is to convert their audience into customers and increase the sale of a product or service and thus help a business to grow. 


Types of Marketing Firms 

1. Marketing Consultancy 

  • These companies provide your business with marketing plans and suggestions. 
  • They do not execute the marketing strategies. 

2. Direct Marketing 

  • They directly contact the potential customers of the product or service. 
  • They prove to resolve the queries of customers more efficiently than any other type of marketing firm.

3. Telemarketing 

  • They provide call or text based marketing services for your business. 

4. Digital Marketing 

  • Provide advertisements for you product or service  on search engines, social media, etc. 
  • They communicate more effectively with customers. 


Top 10 Marketing Firms in Cleveland 

1. Doner

  • This company has an experience of 80 years in this field with it’s offices in Detroit, Los Angeles,  London and Cleveland .
  • It has worked for top companies like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, The Coca-Cola Company, Huawei, Netflix, Harman, Nestle and many more. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.

2. Markus Thomas LLC

  • It is a fully integrated marketing communications company focusing on audience insight, idea generation and alternative delivery. 
  • It has worked for Key Bank, Mylicon.com , Swisspers, BEHR, Metrie, etc. 
  • This company charges $150 – $199/hr.

3. Partners Riley

  • It works n the method of changing demands of advertising industry and clients and makes marketing strategies according to that. 
  • It has worked for Valerie McCormack, Lake Erie, MiraTEC, Metro Healths, etc. 
  • It charges it’s fees according to the demand of clients. 

4. Dix & Eaton

  • This company specializes in Public Relations, Marketing Communication and Crisis Communication. 
  • It has worked for Cargill, Cedar Fair,  Cleveland State University, Timken Steel, CVS health, etc. 
  • This company also charges it’s fees according to the demands of clients. 

5. Innis Maggorie Group

  • This company aims to make a different position of your brand in the minds of customers. 
  • It usually works for hospitals, medical services, insurance companies, etc. 
  • The company charges it’s fees according to the type of marketing strategies. 

6. Brokaw

  • This company mainly aims on strategies to rise above the rival companies. 
  • It has worked for GE Lightning, Sbarro,  Tim Hortons, PURELL, etc.
  • It costs $100 – $149/hr.

7. Backstage Creative 

  • The company provides digital marketing and aims to establish a connection between brand and it’s customers. 
  • It has helped many small business to make them grow. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.

8. Kleidon

  • It provides facilities like marketing communication, public relation and customer publishing. 
  • It has worked for many shelter industries, tourism companies and professional services. 
  • This company charges about $100 – $149/hr.

9. Full Spectrum Marketing 

  • It uses the method of advertising in crowd using newspapers, magazines, TV, radio. 
  • It works for publicly traded companies.
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.

10. Adstuck

  • This company focuses on Digital marketing using search engines, Social media, etc. 
  • It has worked for top companies like Flipkart, Myntra, John Deere, Amazon, ICICI bank. 
  • Thus company charges it’s fees according to rhe scale of marketing. 
  • https://adstuck.com/

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