Let’s talk about advertising. Advertising is one of the most common medium through which we collect information today. Advertising can be defined as a means of marketing communication that adopts a non-personal,openly sponsored message to promote a product,service or an idea in various forms, product placement,television ads,ads in theatres, radio, print advertising and so many more. Here’s an interesting statistic collated for you, businesses tend to make $2 for every $1 spent on GoogleAds. With the advent of social media, a new platform has jumped into the fray and a potential place for advertisements.Let’s see how important social media has become for advertising for a minute here. Social media platforms roughly capture 33% of the time users spend online, so effective marketing practices would be to analyze this chunk of population for targeted ads to be deemed successful for businesses. Here’s another juicy nugget for you,approximately 40% of the internet users happen to follow their favorite brands online, including the fact that 1 in every 4 users do happen to follow brands they plan to make a purchase from, which means these users are prospective customers, and the content shared would be the key in roping them in. Roughly 37% of online shoppers say they use social media platforms for “purchase inspiration”, appearing in mobile search and ad results could vastly improve a brand’s awareness by 46%, this all just goes to show how far has advertising come from simply being limited to print media, to virtually being everywhere in this fast-paced world.

Advertising agencies are the ones responsible for those advertisements of your favorite show returning this Monday to your TV sets, or your favorite basketball player endorsing your favorite sports drink, or your favorite actor promoting breakfast cereal(this kind of advertising is known as endorsement advertising where a celebrity is roped in to endorse a particular product).We would be discussing Adstuck advertising services today, but before we get to the gourmet, let’s get you ready with some appetizers.

Here’s a curated list of the top advertising agencies in the Indianapolis area:


URBA Media

  • Consists of both marketing experts and influencers
  • Has over 200K followers on branded social media accounts
  • Bring in agile workflows through their computer science knowledge as a base to mould a disruptive approach
  • Offerings include tailored end-to-end solutions from strategy,implementations,innovativeness,best in-class house media production, development and campaigns are built around effectiveness and pragmatism
  • The personal goal for each undertaking is to improve brand awareness and appeal, lower conversion costs for acquiring customers, and to oversee improved public relations while supplementing brand loyalty, specializing in social media marketing and analytics.
  • Founded in 2017, it charges around $150-$199 /hr with a project undertaking of $5000+
  • Major clients include Mercedes Benz,Papa Johns, Broken Plate,BierCraft among other illustrious clients


Element Three

  • Adopts a business-first approach
  • Partnering with major national brands across a wide array of industries
  • Aimed at brand development,marketing strategy,creative execution to bring forth a massive growth in the project undertaken
  • Focused on building engaging, analytics-driven campaigns that weave together traditional,digital and inbound tactics into one to connect with customers on a deeper level.
  • Founded in 2005
  • Charge around $100-$149 for a project undertaking of $5000+
  • Focus equally on Advertising,branding and digital strategy among the service lines
  • The industry focus being primarily on transport
  • Key Clients include Airstream,Newmar,Synovia Solutions


Trendy Minds

  • Focuses on a learning based environment to best serve a company to suit their needs and vision
  • Focused on relationship building with the clients believing good customers bring back more good customers which is essentially a profitable turnout
  • Constantly involved in evolving and changing to adapt to the user needs to provide the solution that is just right, nothing more, nothing less
  • The service lines, involve a 20% involvement with Web Design
  • About 75% of the client focus is on Enterprise Companies(shelling $1B+)
  • The industry focus is primarily healthcare and medical services
  • Key clients include Indiana University and Health Salesforce


Mapp Digital

  • One of the largest,global independent marketing technology companies
  • Customer Engagement Platform aligns insights and strives to push business results by identifying consumer and behavioral data to maintain new customers and grow brand affinity
  • With headquarters in San Diego, Chicago Mapp Digital has global offices in 8 countries
  • Helps over 3000 companies maximize their returns from their digital marketing campaigns giving them the edge over their competitors
  • Charge from $100-$149 over an hour for an undertaking of $5000+ project
  • Focuses equally on digital marketing, branding and advertising
  • Industry focus is equally distributed among Business services, hospitality and leisure services, and information technology 
  • Find your ideal customer online and convert them with Mapp’s  data management platform(DMP)
  • Create campaigns that dazzle your customers with Mapp’s cross-channel execution engine
  • Use Webtrekk to data into insights to action


Terraboost Media

  • Omnichannel media and marketing company with offices in Chicago,Miami Beach,Las Vegas etc
  • Provides an advertising network comprising of over 70,000 wellness billboards, located at the doorstep of the nation’s top supermarket & drug store chains, malls & airports garnering the attention of up to 200 million consumers per day in all 50 states
  • Businesses supported enjoy a plethora of facilities such as low cost, high conversion rates, high impact digital marketing and media options to materialize the returns and conversions.
  • Customers also enjoy high ROI,top of mind recall, and cost-effective engagement
  • Partnered with leading supermarkets,drug stores,airports,health clubs and malls across the nation to provide 6 billion cumulative guests with free sanitizing hand wipes owing to the current situation
  • Billboards attract a reported 3.9 Billion consumers/month
  • Brands can interact with their target audience nationally,regionally or locally as well
  • Provide easy means of tracking results and measuring impact



  • Creates powerful brand experiences through advertising and public relations, and much more
  • Fully functional communications agency backed by talented professionals with proven success with their clients
  • Undertaking usually involves $50,000 projects or more
  • Founded in 1984
  • The major focus is on advertising and public relations
  • The industry focus is split in three ways between entertainment,arts,music industry;IT industry, and healthcare
  • Key Clients include City National Bank,Cummins,Indianapolis Zoo,MARS etc
  • Focused on research-backed and data-driven analytics to provide the best results


Dgs Marketing Engineers

  • B2B agency
  • Offers an expansive number of services from advertising,marketing,public relations services
  • Help advanced manufacturing and technology based companies to determine what mix of strategies would be the best fit for the company by providing lucid solutions to the intricate problems allowing them to stand out the crowd.
  • The focus on the service lines is around 35% on advertising, with branding and public relation campaigns following suit
  • Help companies craft brand identities, sell products like hot pancakes and build lifelong strong meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • Founded in 1985
  • Take a process driven approach to be able to scale their model to fit different business related scenarios


Lodge Design

  •   Founded in 1999
  •  Boasts a team of well equipped web designers,engineers,writers and account services.
  • Focused on providing deliverables for nearly every consumer touchpoint
  • When it comes to getting to know the clients, they do not prefer the short way out, and would like to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas pertaining your vision and ideas to be implemented by incorporating Lodge Design’s ideas to add the cherry on top of the cake
  • Focused on developing messaging solutions that would resonate with your core audiences
  • Majority of the focus in service pipelines is on branding with public advertising and marketing strategy following suit
  • With a friendly attitude, and a beautiful website Lodge Design is ready to give you the next breakthrough in your sector as they bring your vision to be developed into a crowd-herding strategy.

Coming in hot on the heels of a successful consulting company renowned for their expertise in the field of AR, Adstuck is all set to introduce advertising solutions in Indianapolis. Buckle up, to be mind blown by a diligent, hardworking team to deliver your idea and render into an elegant and effective solution to suit the needs of the next customer, having had experience with dealing with more than a few Fortune 500 companies, Adstuck has the necessary arsenal to establish a quick footing in an essential business with its data analytics driven approach with a relentless team of trained professionals ranging from engineers,web designers , to graphic designers to execute your strategy striving to work towards building lifelong customer relations by not relying on cookie-cutting solutions or stringent practices, but focusing on results to drive your workflow pipeline. Be ready to have all your troubles be blown into thin air by the capable team at Adstuck.

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