Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is a process of attracting customers towards a product or service through the medium of social media. It involves researching, promoting and selling of a product or a service. 

Why Social Media Marketing 

  • Nowadays Social Media is the most efficient way to connect to the people who would become the customers of a brand. Social media is used by almost every section of the society even if tgey are 10 year old or 60 year old. 
  •  Social media is used as a medium to promote and advertise a product or service so that it could come to people’s knowledge. 
  • A recent survey stated that people use social media about 35% more than watching Television. So it becomes easy on social media ti advertise a brand. 
  • Social media proves to be cheaper than traditional Television advertisements, so social media becomes pocket friendly too. 
  • Social Media Companies observe the social media interests of the pepple then show the products related to that interests on the social media wall of these people. This means that it targets highly potential customers. 
  • Social media influences people more than any other medium so it shines you company’s and brand’s reputation more efficiently.
  • Social media allows you to connect with the customers directly due to the facility of comments and messages. Thus, it establishes a better communication between company and customers. 

Social Media Companies 

  • Social media companies are those companies which take the responsibility to promote and advertise your brand and product or service on social media. 
  • Some social media companies also take the responsibility of order placement and selling of the product. 
  • Social media companies make marketing strategies according to your brand, social media interests of people, current trends and brand reputation. 
  • Social media companies make it a lot easy for you to promote your brand on social media. 

Why Social Media Companies? 

  • If you have a small business or start up, then interacting with consumers on social media prives to be a better marketing strategy. 
  • Using social media helps you to build brand awareness, increase your customer base and connect with current customers. 
  • Socail Media Companies offers many benefits to business owners,  because it allows their brand to reach out their customera and gain attention od more people. 
  • Social media companies work on  local, regional, national and international scale ; so it provides you many options and it becomes your pocket friendly too. 
  • Social Media Companies provide better customer satisfaction than telemarketing and Television advertisements. 
  • Social Media Companies act as management and guidance centre for simplifying and improving interaction between company and social media customers .
  • They help Business of all sizes to promote their brand on different scales. 

Top 10 Social Media Companies in Atlanta

1. LYFE Marketing

  • This social media management company provides social media services, search engine services and website design services.
  • It has worked for NICHE digital,  Cardinal Group Management, H-Massage. 
  • It charges $50 – $99/hr.

2. Imagine Media Consulting 

  • This company is known for it’s highly creative ideas amd strategies. 
  • It works for Michael H. Moody Law,  Alliance BVS group.
  • It charhes $100 – $149/hr.

3. Brandlyft

  • This company is known for it’s detailed and creative work. 
  • It has worked for Coldwell Bankers, Ameris Bank, Farmers Insurance, Salon Studios,  Brite Line, etc. 
  • It charges $149 – $199/hr.

4. Tinuiti

  • This company claims to be largest independent digital performance marketing agemcy in North America.
  • It is associated with Amazon,  Walmart, Nestle, RITE AID, tommy Bahama,etc.
  • This company charges it’s fees according to the demands of their clients 

5. Thor Social

  • This company provides facilities of Social media management,  Paod advertising and E-mail Marketing. 
  • It mainly works for Charter Schools,  Law Firms, Healthcare and therapists. 
  • It charges $25 – $49/hr.

6. Urban Media

  • This company provides highly creative content and marketing strategies to promote your brand. 
  • It has worked for many local restaurants, bars and clubs. 
  • It charges $159 – $199/hr.

7. Top Right

  • This is also a trusted company in this field.  They provide high quality and creative content for your brand. 
  • It has worked for many  Healthcare Firms, Insurance Companies, restraunts, etc.
  • It charges $200- $300/hr.

8. Brandware

  • This company is known for adding some special creativity in their marketing strategies. 
  • It has worked for companies like The Oklahoman. 
  • It charges it’s fees according to the demands of the clients. 

9. Joseph Studios

  • It has experienced employes who understand the demands of customers and make marketing strategies according to that.
  • It has worked dor many educational and health care firms. 
  • It charges $100 – $149/hr.

10. Adstuck

  • Adstuck is a well known company which provides great assistance, creativity and special ideas for your brand to get promoted. 
  • It has worked for top companies like Amazon,  Flipkart, John Deere and many more. 
  • This company charges it’s fees according to the scale and demands of the client. 

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