Marketing is the management of exchange relationship. It is the business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer’s needs and wants.  It is an activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Whereas Management is a process of planning, decision making, organising, leading, motivation and controlling the human resources, financial, physical, and information resources of an organisation to reach its goal efficiently and effectively. 

Marketing management is the process of decision making, planning, and controlling the marketing aspects of a company in terms of the marketing concept. It is ‘planning, organising, controlling and implementing of the marketing programmes, policies, strategies and tactics designed to create and satisfy the demand for the firms product offering or services as a means of generating an acceptable profit’. The main objective of marketing management is 

  • To create the demand of that product or service
  • To increase the market share of that company
  • To increase the goodwill among the target consumers
  • To bring profitable sales volume through customers satisfaction 
  • To determine marketing mix that will satisfy the needs of the customers
  • To generate adequate profits for the growth for the business.

Marketing management makes the process of exchange of ownership of goods and services from seller to the buyer way more easy and customer friendly. It is necessary of every organisation because they helps you to launch a new product by making brand awareness in the market, it boost up your sales by expanding the market, increase the company’s reputation  by effective communication process, and build relationship between business and its customers by delivering what promised at the right time. 

 Now we’ll answer the question,

“What is marketing management agency?”

For handling all these aspects of the business there is marketing management service providers in the market which strive to build cohesive and effective business. They put organisations in front of their customers and audience, and increase sales through spreading awareness. Marketing management service providers perform all managerial functions in the field of marketing for that brand or service. They identify market opportunities and come out with perfect and most appropriate strategies for exploring those opportunities. They implement all the possible marketing programmes and evaluate continuously the effectiveness of marketing mix. What marketing management service providers do is:

  • They evaluate and focus on consumer needs and then expose them to that specific brand product to make a market.
  • Their main motive is to provide customer satisfaction from that brand so that it can make brand loyalty in the mind of consumers.
  • They work with client to pinpoint marketing strategies that will drive best business results.
  • They work in a way to achieve organizational goal of their client.
  • They evaluate marketing results and use data to improve campaign results.

There is plenty of marketing managing service providers in the market so choosing best out of them according to your requirement is always a task. If you want to choose the best marketing management agency partner, go through these few factors before choosing them

  1. Track record: Going through the track record about the previous works of that company always gives you information about the successful projects. Spend some time reviewing the marketing agency’s portfolio and case studies, client testimonials, and reviews,
  2. Expertise field:  Information gathering about companies and knowing about their expertise field will leads to know how much expectation you need to hold.
  3. Determining your need: first evaluation about your need of hiring Market Management Company and perfectly communicating your expectation and goals from that agency will help in success. 
  4. Budget: Knowing your budget always helps you. Marketing agency costs vary greatly, depending on the type of agency and services you choose. So proper research and communication can gives you your expected results in your budget. 

Marketing management is as important as any other aspect of running a business from operations, staffing, finance, branding, service, etc. Many small and midsize businesses look to marketing agencies to answer that question and maximize their return from their campaigns. So we are here to help you out to find best marketing management service providers, following are the list of some top working consultants in this field:

  • Adstuck
  • LYFE Marketing
  • Rain factory
  • Viral nation
  • eboost consulting

Viral nation is world’s top marketing agency and become one of the globs fastest growing fill service marketing firms. Some of the amazing brands they work with are Victoria’s secret, PUBG mobile and Aston Martin. They have continued to embrace change. Their team is responsible for having created some of the most viral and successful campaigns for their clients globally.

LYFE Marketing is a social media management company. They offer social media services, search engine services, and website design services. They create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. Their company manages social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, in agent’s behalf. They use relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and meet their goals.

Rain factory is full-service digital agency that operates as a marketing department for growing brands. They bridge the gap between people and products with clarity, direction and reach. They put their client business at right place at the right time. They have worked with Philips, Park & Diamonds, Sonny, etc,. 

Eboost consulting is a full service digital marketing firm established in 2005 in San Diego, CA. they build, optimize and manage highly successful online advertising campaigns. Whatever requirement re there with online marketing- they can help. They have the capacity to decide heavy resources to bid ad budgets while also maintaining the flexible and care to offer our services to business with smaller budget. They have expertise in lead generation, eCommerce, local business, Venture-backed start-ups and much more. Their vision is to help great business grow through digital marketing.

If you want access to a number of marketing management services, you’ll want to partner with a full-service marketing agency like Adstuck.

Adstuck Consulting Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 23 January 2012. It is classified as Non govt Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Directors of Adstuck Consulting Private Limited are Nitesh Kumar Kothari, Anumeha Sharma, Kundan Kumar, Abhishek Shankar, Peng Guowei, Probin Anand.

 Adstuck is a digital marketing practice agency working from all over the world with four locations India, Singapore, Estonia and US. Its mission is to provide instant access to a talented workforce to enterprise. They have 491 clients and worked over 700 projects, with 30 fortunes 500 firms. 

It is a strong and leading digital media marketing service provider which can help you with cost cutting, plan execution, perfect reporting, strategy making, data collecting, and response collection from consumers. It handles all the aspects of your business. They don’t focus only on new on emerging brands who wants entail success and distribution in the market but also on brands that have successfully established the customer retail space, and need some assistance in managing their business. 

This is one of those agencies which will fit in all your requirement factors perfectly. It provides services in improving marketing results, growing market share, launching new product or enter new market. It will modernize all your work by using base digital technology. Adstuck search for real value, create the road for future marketing transformation and lead you to the milestones.

They accelerate sales and marketing by working on complete digital marketing, making setup by marketing automation, and focus on sales by digital marketing, doing branding, ecommerce, and programmatic, social, search and affiliate. Adstuck will successfully use all your capabilities in such a form that it will turn into your future shields. It will help you to achieve Digital Marketing, strategy, Media buying, Ad optimization, Search engine optimization and marketing management. It builds brand awareness, as well as increase revenue generating from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more. This comapny provide marketing management services like result-driving strategy planning which is important for every brand, content creation, content publishing, and moniter results, manage and implement campaigns and community management, and many more. Adstuck is specialized marketing management agency which gives you access to one or more of the services at the same time. Whether you want to launch new product or want to boost up the sale of existing product Adstuck will help you to archive your entire goal in least time possible. It is all service provider agenciy which is like a one-stop-shop for everything you will require.

Adstuck have expertise working in every field who works closely with you to fulfil your goals and requirements.

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