Every company is bound to have problems, and consulting firm is solution of all that problems.

Consulting firm is a business where group of expert provides professional feedback to an individual or an organisation for a fee. They observe and analyze a company’s operations. After observing and analyzing they suggest the guidance of actionable solutions to the problems of the company. Consulting firm is one of the most important part or any firm. They add value to your company. 

If your organization is confronted with an issue that out of your control, reaching out to a consulting firm is always a best option. Consulting firm act’s as a doctor in the world of business. Top consulting firm includes:

  • Successful experts in their field
  • strong analytical skills
  •  critical thinking capacity
  •  exceptionally articulate

 They provide a full range of consulting services under one roof in order to support a more comprehensive range of client need. Consulting firms helps you in:

  1. Providing information to a client
  2. Solving a client’s problem
  3. Making a diagnosis, this may necessitate redefinition of the problems.
  4. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis. 
  5. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.
  6. Building a consensus and committed around corrective action.
  7. Facilitating client learning- that is, teaching client how to resolve similar problems in future.
  8. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.

Some of the great consulting firm in Orange County are:

  • MorganFranklin 
  • Interliance
  • Einstein Covey
  • Acentian
  • Epam
  • Adstuck

Morgan Franklin

Morgan Franklin consulting is a management advisory firm that assists organization with complex transformational challenges. It is a management and technology consulting firm that works with leading business and government to address critical finance, technology, and business objectives. They are partners with leading industry associations, professional organisations, and stakeholder communities. For example: Data coalition, nvtc, American society of military controllers, AGC, etc. Their team is comprised of seasonal professional with public accounting experience and deep expertise in broad range of industries. They offer subject matter expert in:

  • Accounting changes and error corrections
  • Business combinations
  • Cash flow statements
  • Equity instruments
  • Finance reporting
  • Goodwill
  • Leases
  • Enquiry
  • Revenue recognition

Organization of all size turn to MorganFranklin consulting because they bring experienced, engaged professional who are highly energetic and motivated to work with their clients in challenging, high-stakes environment. They haves worked with companies like CNN, Bloomberg, CIO, and San Francisco chronicle. Their office locations are in:

  • Washington, DC
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angles
  • Charlotte

Phone no. – 703564-7525

website: www.margonfrankin.com 


Interliance consulting helps their clients worldwide transform their business, create innovative growth strategies, and drive implementation to improve business performance, reduce risk and significantly increase profitability. Their areas of expertise are:

  • Business strategy, planning and execution
  • Human capital and knowledge management
  • Technology strategy, etc. 

The services they serve are:

  • business strategy & planning
  • business optimization
  • marketing & sales strategy
  • Technology & product strategy. 

For over 30 years they have helped companies to accelerate growth, overcome challenges and build shareholder value. They’ll help you get initiatives off the ground and strengthen your internal capabilities. They build results-oriented partnership with every client. They have served 268 clients. Some of their clients were: Honda, Edison, Toyota, etc.

They have offices in:


Tel: 714.540.8889


Tel: 877.540.8889

Website: www.interliance.com 

Einstein Covey

Einstein Covey promotes & develops client company and provide all in one seamless platform. EINSTEIN COVEY takes complex business concept, break them down into bite-size chunks of time information and present all the data to their clients on one an easy to use dashboard which they can access 24/7. They provide expertise in marketing, business consulting, and information technology and cyber security. They were borne of entrepreneurial success, deep knowledge of effective teams, and their desire is to advance the development of business leaders. By improving the process and creating effective business structures. They provide services in the field of:

  • Marketing
  • Business consulting
  • Information technology & cyber security

 They have 32 years of experience and they are Microsoft, Google, and Bing certified. For more details:


26 Royal Saint George Road Newport Beach,     CA 92660

Tel: 714.624.3747

Website: www.einsteincovey.com 


Acentian, LLC is a management consulting firm, providing reliable and trusted services globally. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a full-range of management services that will ensure you are above the rest when it comes to achieving business goals, efficiently and effectively.

They provide budget-friendly management consulting services. Their work is aimed at solving business issues by utilizing the latest technology and techniques.

It is go-to management consultancy firm for all business need. With their services, reach higher goals, with expert guidance and advice. They will be your business partners in times of need. Their team provides you with unmatched experience in assisting with you business goal. They provide services like: 

  • Project management
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • Change Management
  • IT management
  • Operations Managements
  • Business Development, Marketing, Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Staff Augmentation

For detailed information:

ADDRESS   Davenport, FL

Tel: 863289-8539

Website: www.acentian.com 


Epam helps you reimaging your business through a digital lens. They convert breakthrough ideas to real outcomes, fast. Their services combine business and innovation strategy, experience design, technology consulting and software engineering. They work in more than 30 countries. They have helped over 120 fortune 1000 companies. Works they do is Consultant, Design, Engineer, and Operate and optimise. The services they provide are:

  • Financial services
  • Software & Hi-Tech
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Life science
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & distribution
  • Business information Services

Their offices located in different places of:

  • America
  • Europe
  • Asia 
  • CIS


41 University Drive • Suite 202,
Newtown, PA 18940 • USA

Tel: +1-267-759-9000

Website: www.epam.com 


Then comes Adstuck Consulting Private Limited which is a Private incorporated on 23 January 2012. It is classified as Non-govt Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Directors of Adstuck Consulting are Kundan Kumar, Abhishek Shankar. Adstuck is a digital marketing practice agency working from all over the world with four locations:

  •  India 
  • Singapore
  • Estonia
  • US. 

Their mission is to provide instant access to a talented workforce to enterprise. Adstuck is expertise in:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Media buying
  • Ad optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Management 

They have 491 clients and worked over 700 projects, with 30 fortunes 500 firms. Adstuck has developed award winning platform as a JV with TOI (Bannet & Coleman group) called ‘Alive’. Consultancy includes providing the best solution in the form of custom software based on order from specific users. Also, included are writing of software of any kind following directives of the users; software maintenance, and web-page design. They provide honest and rigorous service to their client and follow emerging models of marketing. Their high-end services for growing business are: Marketing strategy, Paid Ads & Media, content & SEO, Social media, and Conversion Optimization.

Adstuck build the client organisation in the form they always wanted. They   transform processes, people functions, IT and support to next level of performance with delivery in terms of time and cash which traditional outsourcing. Some of their client can see the tangible transformation within 30 days. They provide services in improving marketing results of the company, growing their market share value in the business, helps in launching new product and help to enter new market with successful results. By using Full service Accelerated Digital Marketing mode they help to reach company to desired outcome twice as fast.

 Adstuck helps you to achieve your goal of:

  • Strategy creation: by making digital strategy, data analcites, Internet of things, block chain, and Robotics and automation.
  • Internalize Digital: with the help of the culture of digital, digital organization and end-to-end transformation.
  • Modernize Base technology: with the help of Security: Enterprise and cyber, Applications: Enterprise, web, Mobile, Cloud infrastructure, cloud and infrastructure, Tech outsourcing, Enterprise Architecture Management, Crowd Work.
  • Transform Digital experience of Brand: with the help of End-to-end digital branding and user experience funnel.
  • Accelerate sales and marketing: with the help of e-commerce, branding focused digital marketing, etc.
  • Turbo charger operations of your enterprise: with the help of corporate functions, Lean IT, Service operations etc.

Adstuck worked excellent for their every client with the positive feedback and successful story. They helped Dettol when they were not getting enough people to engage their ads even after investing a lot, DHFL when their cost of acquisition was coming very high, Maruti Suzuki with very slow growth, Braunability when they were not getting enough marketing qualified lead and many others.

Adstuck has worked with Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Dittol, OLA and many other popular barnds

As a team of expertise people, they will create the most creative, attractive and effective way for you to connect with your potential consumers which will increase sales and create awareness. 

For more enquiries please visit our website www.adstuck.com 

“Adstuck have expertise working in every field who works closely with you to fulfil your goals and requirements.”


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