You’ve got a business, you’ve got a ravishing idea to get your idea rolling, and are ready to carve your niche in the market, but you still have one issue that you need to iron out before you are ready to soar. What is your target audience and how are you going to reach out to them? Who you gonna call? Marketing Agencies.

Marketing Agencies take care of the marketing for your company, by determining the optimum ways to reach out to your select audience because at the end of the day it is all about boosting your company’s sales. They specialize in leveraging different marketing tactics in order to rope the people in.

Let’s dig into a couple of strategies that are pivotal in establishing a loyal customer base.

  • Google Adwords

This tool is clinical in driving customer traffic towards your business solutions as Google is the most widely trusted source for the solution to the people’s day to day problems. Running a Google Adwords campaign to capitalise on this, targeting the prospective customers would be highly profitable

  • SEO

SEO is primarily concerned with taking your content to the top of the search solutions to maximize traffic, but it isn’t simply limited to that. SEO is instrumental in establishing the supremacy of your content over the content of your competitors because the higher your page ranks on the search results, can be translated into the amount of trust and popularity the content is garnering.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a great platform to give your business that healthy ROI you seek, so make sure you utilise this platform to turn it into one of your strongest asset-building tools, as it allows you to target the audience based off a variety of parameters allowing you a wide range of insight to drive your marketing pipeline in the right direction.

  • Mobile Marketing

In the modern times, mobile marketing takes the top spot among all the categories, as a vast majority of users reported consulting mobile ads before making an informed decision related to a purchase. Most customers reported to be following their favorite brand , or the brand they picked out for their next purchase affirming their status as a prospective customer, through Youtube ads, in-app advertising , and campaigns to strengthen mobile app installs and boost growth 

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing in hindsight might seem trivial to other glowing categories on this list, but as it so happens it is highly undervalued. Content marketing takes precedence over vanity marketing in order to establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers as it allows them to build trust and reliability with your product through the content you serve to educate and inform them. Content Marketing goes beyond just placing some flashy blogs without a purpose.Content Marketing includes blogging,depiction of relevant statistical evidence and infographics to support the cause, SEO writing, content analysis, and social media promotion among others. 

  • Email Marketing

A major chunk of ROI for companies continues to be churned out by email marketing, one of the oldest strategies in the book. To give you an idea of how profitable Email Marketing continues to be, for every $1 spent on email marketing it generates $38 in revenue for the concerned company which tells you this is a strategy that cannot be discarded even as new social media tactics pop-up every day . Agencies might offer services like list building,ensuring that your list remains active, segmentation, or autoresponder sequence optimization.

Apart from these, you also need to be able to draw customers to your site. Is your UX/UI up to the mark? What is the reaction of a new visitor as they visit your page? These are considerations that have to be taken into account to allow for a smooth integration of a suitable marketing strategy as provided by the marketing agencies of your choice. The basic requirement here is the ability to convert the visitors into possible clientele, so the offerings of a marketing agency should include conversion metric analysis, conversion path analysis among other features.

  • Time To Hire 

Now that we’ve talked a little about the stuff in marketing that matters and the major strategies adopted by companies to bring in customers, let’s talk about how do you pick out a marketing agency from the lot?

You need to ask yourself a few questions to apprise yourself to the requirements that your company would need for a marketing strategy that you would have to communicate with the marketing team to bring your vision to action. 

Ask yourself this, what would your company’s marketing requirements be? Do you need a specialist to help out with website design? Do you need a Content Marketing team to take care of blogging and informing the general audience? Do you need a plan to boost your SEO? Do you need an analytics team to analyse your customer data to derive important insights from it?

These questions allow you to filter through the crowd to narrow your search down to the agency you would like to outsource your business components for effective results.

Take a close look at how your candidates run their own business.  If it is analytics that you need help with, pick an agency that houses an elite analytics team itself to deal with their data. If you want them for web design, how good of a work would you call their website? Finding convincing answers could lead you to a solution in a no time. Practice what you preach. It’s elementary, you see.

  • Pricing

This is a pretty obvious matter of importance while outsourcing. Although finding an agency at the optimum cost is pretty pivotal for the workflow, it is also equally important to not cut corners, compromising quality over cost. Low cost doesn’t always mean it’s good. Work out the strategy from their perspective to see the efforts and the services provided by the agencies and weigh in to see if its profitable to hire them against the level of competence and experience they bring to your company to make a wise,informed decision.

Lastly let’s look into a couple of key performance indicators to be kept in mind , while hiring:

  • Number Of Unique Visitors

A great way to gauge the performance of your website would be creating a great deal of traffic for your page, and measuring their interaction to filter out the target audience and determine their salient characteristics , and given the fluidity of the rest of the workflow, a boost in traffic could be correlated directly to a boost in conversions.  

  • Time Spent On Site

Average time spent by the visitor on your site could be an essential metric to decide how invested your customers are in your site, based on your content relevance and level of interest rate generated which is a key proponent used by Google when  it comes to ranking content. More hours people have spent on your site, would mean a direct correlation with how engaging your content happens to be.

  • Bounce Rate

Similar to the bouncing of a ball, Bounce Rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave your site after visiting it. A high bounce rate could mean the content might not be as engaging as once thought. An important metric to observe that goes hand in hand with the total number of visitors, a large number of visitors should not be misread to mean the content might be great or relevant before consulting the bounce rate.

  • Click Through Rate

A measure of how targeted your ads happen to be, Click Through Rate is the number of times your ad has been clicked vs the number of impressions received against that ad. 

  • Cost Per Click

Cost per click is quite simply a purchasing model catering to paid ads where you pay each time your ad is clicked.

Make sure you are aware of the marketing company’s X Factor. Something that makes them stand out from the crowd. What is the one thing they manage to bring to the table their competitors can’t, that results in success? 

Once you have a firm grasp over each and every one of these, you are ready to launch your marketing campaign to the world.

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