As every one of us knows, Facebook is a social networking platform that connects people online. It allows the user to create free profiles and share pictures, memes, videos, news, articles, music etc. it allows user to connect with their family and friends online and not just that, it even allows people to discover new people online who they don’t know. Facebook was created by Mark Zukerberg in 2004.

Facebook is also used by businesses to reach their audience. HOW?

As we all know, Facebook allows users to post pictures, post videos, share articles, content and also lets you discover new unknown users. This can be a powerful and widespread tool for businesses to communicate and let other people on that platform know, pitch and sell their products and services. To manage business on Facebook there is something called as Facebook management services.


Facebook management services are those tools and strategies that helps businesses to achieve their target in faster manner. It helps businesses with easy way of connecting with audience, better tools to show products and businesses with more visibility and promotions.

Facebook management services is not limited, there is more to it. Let’s take a look at what it is –

  1. FACEBOOK SETUP – first step is to setup Facebook account. Setting up a Facebook account is easy and any business will then need to host a Facebook page where it can post pictures, videos, put latest information and its products and services for the customers to know and buy them. This includes
  1. FACEBOOK MANAGEMENT – Facebook, just like any other social networking site requires good understanding and work needs to be put into it. Facebook management is the process of managing your businesses online presence. This includes setting up business page, customizing notifications, organizing the tabs etc.
  • Creating content and regular posting – keeping the audience engaged is the most important function of any kind of business and any social media platform. Same is with Facebook. You have to plan and post content in the form of pictures, videos, articles or any kind of form so that the audience don’t forget about your business.
  • Optimizing Facebook presence – this includes setting up goals, defining strategies, refining audience with the help of audience insights. This will help in spending money in the right place and time. Optimizing also includes – optimizing business page, adding latest information, adding call option and email option etc.
  • Engaging with audience – engaging with you audience time to time is one the most important factor to keep them loyal to you. Interacting with audience constantly makes them feel important and this will build trust in the audience about your business.
  • Engaging with other brands – promoting other brands by posting their achievements or anything on your story or page, by commenting on their posts, tagging them on your posts, collaborating etc. will help you reach wider audience and maintain good relations.
  1. FACEBOOK PROFILE DESIGN – having a good looking profile setup is as important as optimizing on regular basis. To attract audience the design and layout must be attractive and easily understandable. Design includes –
  • Profile picture avatar – this can most preferably be your business logo or something that defines your business perfectly.
  • Background picture – this can your company picture or logo with a tagline, or it can also just be a funny and relatable avatar.
  • Timeline design – Timeline is where you can share all your posts, videos, information etc. This can have a template so that your timeline looks better organized. For example, it can include your logo or name at a corner or as a watermark etc.
  1. FACEBOOK ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – Facebook ads are basically advertising your products and services on Facebook by setting up the campaigns. There are types of Facebook ads. They are –
  • Link click ads – these types of ads are usually used to promote your external sites like website. These ads redirect your audience to that link’s landing page when they click on it.
  • Video ads – video ads are also a type of link click ads. In this type, instead of a still picture there will be a video featured.
  • Boost posts – Every time you post a picture or a video or anything, Facebook gives you an opportunity to boost the post which will help the post reach wider audience.
  • Multi product/ Carousel Ads – it is a type of ad format that lets you show up to 10 images, videos, links or call actions in a single unit. It is extremely useful for commercial purposes.
  • Dynamic product ads – these ads lets you retarget audience based on their previous actions.
  • Facebook lead ads – this type of ads lets your audience signup for your offers, notifications without them leaving Facebook.
  • Facebook collection ads – Facebook collection ads lets you showcase multiple products that are being sold on your other sites.
  • Targeted likes – these kind of ads are specially done to gain likes.
  1. REPORTS AND ANALYTICS – it is important to understand the reports generated and analyze the analytics. This will help you in better understanding of where your investment is working and making you profits and which is not making you profits. This helps in better planning and strategizing in the campaigns and will give you a clear picture of your activity.

ADSTUCK founded in 2012 and since then it has been driven with passion and talented people constantly working and providing best services to their clients is one of the leading companies of digital marketing and advertising.

Adstuck has its services provided across the world like India, New Jersey, and Tallinn, California, Singapore and some of our team working from remote locations as well.

We have worked with some of the leading brands like Flipkart, ICICI bank, Myntra, John Deere, Ola, Amazon etc.

Our services include –

  • Facebook marketing and advertising
  • Marketing strategy
  • Audience mapping
  • Planning and strategy
  • Marketing mix
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Video advertising
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Efficient buying
  • Scheduling and Ops
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Content strategy
  • SEO
  • Influencer marketing
  • Conversion optimization etc.

Avail the best services for your business and fulfill your goals with us.

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