You know what’s trending? Of course you do, you just got wind of it on your Instagram feed. Social Media has become quite prevalent these days, just to give you an idea, the number of internet users has crossed 4.5 billion, and the number of social media users has gone well above 3.8 billion mark. With about more than half of the world’s population using social media by mid 2020, it clearly becomes the next demographic to conquer, when it comes to expanding your business. 

While looking for a capable marketing firm to partner with, it is pivotal to see the strategy of all the firms you are interested in dealing with integrating social media as a key proponent of the marketing campaign.

Here’s a look at the top social media agencies in Dallas.


      • Focus is completely on social media marketing 
      • Charge $100-$149/hr
      • Project undertaking is a minimum $5000
      • Have a capable team of 50-249 people to assist you at all times
      • Building software products that make you stand out in the digital landscape
      • In order to improve transparency with your service drive , something called video ignition helps you send personalized videos to rope in prospects
      • Provide dynamic advertising services to help you obtain better leads with their social drive 

3Headed Monster

    • Focus on three essentials of marketing befitting their name – Design, Technology, and Story 
    • Provide creative advertising, video production,social media analytics among many more services to help your business prosper.
    • Clientele includes BMW,Coca Cola,intel,adidas,Harley Davidson among a pantheon of illustrious names.
    • Stand a class apart when it comes to creative aptitude and support with a team of 10-50 people with you through your journey.
    • Project undertaking is usually around $10000
    • Hourly rate is $100-$149


      • The focus is 20% on social media marketing among other branches of digital marketing
      • Project undertaking is around $5000
      • Charge around $100-$149/hr
      • Houses a capable team of 250-1000 people
      • Cater to law firms, home services, hospitals and medical practitioners.
      • In each industry catered, Scorpion specializes in a multitude of fields meant to provide you lucid yet elegant solutions to your problems.

Miller Ad Agency

    • Focus is around 10% on social media marketing
    • Project undertaking of around $10000
    • Hourly rate is $50-$99/hr
    • Houses a team of 10-50 people
    • Coming on the back of a whopping 35 years experience in servicing customers, they have developed tested strategies and solutions segmenting audiences keeping your target in mind working with a flexible budget scheme.
    • Works with traditional media and digital media hand-in-hand
    • Clientele includes M&M’s and Chevrolet among others 


      • Located in Irving,TX
      • Houses a team of 250-1000
      • Is the leader in digital publishing solutions connecting the B2B world.
      • Known for building digital publications bringing thousands of trade associations together , spanning almost every industry that comes to mind.
      • Founded in 2000
      • Specialize in impeccable data insights built on 20 years of experience working B2B buyers leveraging their experience and expertise needed to reach them online


    • Helps you generate high profile publicity 
    • Branding solutions that not only engage the audience but depicts a message reflecting your company that resonates with the people
    • Deliver on the promise of finding the most creative and effective ways to get your story heard
    • Provide a plethora of tools to help you convert those leads and boost your business workflow
    • Located in Plano,TX
    • Houses a team of 10-49
    • Charge around $100-$149/hr

Razor Rank

    • Project undertaking of $1000 or more
    • Hourly rate of $100-$149/hr
    • Founded in 2015, has a team of 10-50 people
    • Services include Technical SEO, PPC, Paid Social Media Management
    • Provides and SEO that increases visibility for your products and services
    • Focuses on professionalism and delivery of superior service for our clients

Digital Success

    • 10% focus is on social media marketing
    • $50-$99/hr is the hourly rate
    • Located in Plano,Texas
    • Having worked on over 1200 websites servicing over 800+ clients , Digital Success is known for giving results
    • Previous clientele includes Aristocrat, Samsung among others
    • Focused on providing small businesses with the growth impetus they need riding on the back of over 17 years of experience

madison/miles media

    • Content marketing agency
    • Helps you grow your business by generating new leads and winning over new customers.
    • Proven experience in healthcare, fast growth of companies, and building relationships with partnered agencies
    • Work on mobile apps, newspapers, magazines among other media to help spread the word about your company
    • Project undertaking of $5000 or more
    • Hourly rate is $100-$149/hr
    • Located in Arlington,TX
    • Has a capable team of 10-50 people working diligently to provide you the best of solutions


Coming in hot on the heels of a successful consulting company renowned for their expertise in the field of AR, Adstuck is all set to introduce advertising solutions in Indianapolis. Buckle up, to be mind blown by a diligent, hardworking team to deliver your idea and render into an elegant and effective solution to suit the needs of the next customer, having had experience with dealing with more than a few Fortune 500 companies, Adstuck has the necessary arsenal to establish a quick footing in an essential business with its data analytics driven approach with a relentless team of trained professionals ranging from engineers,web designers , to graphic designers to execute your strategy striving to work towards building lifelong customer relations by not relying on cookie-cutting solutions or stringent practices, but focusing on results to drive your workflow pipeline. 

Be ready to have all your troubles be blown into thin air by the capable team at Adstuck.

Adstuck is ready to give you data-backed , analysis driven proven results that are a  testimony to the  resounding success of all the clients Adstuck has worked with .Adstuck provides you with a vast array of services to supplement your marketing campaign ensuring excellence is the key to achieve legitimate,tangible results. At the end of the day, customer service is very essential to ensure a company is legitimately turning around the businesses of its clients, allowing for positive reinforcement and growth of the business, whilst forging strong ever lasting bonds with your target audience. Adstuck helps you leave a mark on your customers, willing to come back every time they are faced with a problem having placed their trust on your company. 

Begin  your journey as we speak to take your business to the next level, allowing room for more challenging undertakings and daunting assignments. Adstuck got your back.  

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