What is email marketing? Well any email sent to a prospective customer regarding the solicitation of sales and donations, advertisements, requesting business . Technically any email conversation could be considered as a part of email marketing if it involves a current customer or a possible lead.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of connecting with your leads and converting them into customers. Compared to social media, the average order of an email is around 3 times as much. Email marketing is estimated to have an ROI of around 4400 %. You can see why email marketing should be one of your top 3 channels when it comes to developing your business.

How do you get started with email marketing? Jot down a list of your leads, and add an email service provider. Add a little automation after fine tuning your lists and messages personalized for your target audience, and voila! You are ready to get down to brass tacks.

But the emails you plan on sending to your leads should not be of the same kind. You need to weave mails that’ll engage them, in order to turn those leads into clientele. Let’s talk about the different types of marketing emails aimed to rope in the audience in your niche.

On the surface, email marketing can be divided into two subsets : transactional emails and engagement emails. As evident from their names, engagement emails are more focused on storytelling to cater to the audience while transactional emails are directly related to making and closing a sale.

Under engagement emails we have :

  • Welcome Emails

This is the first interaction customers have with your company. Hence it becomes all the more important to make it worth their time. In order to make the very first experience of customers worthwhile, businesses could offer a sneak peek into the company’s story, whilst giving a clear picture of branding. Throw in a few fun trivia facts in the welcome email. It helps the visitors get a feel of the aesthetics at play in your brand.  Usually this is accompanied by an offer. 

The offer could be a free trial, a discounted price on products or services, free shipping, free products perhaps and so on. People like it when someone makes them feel special. Go the extra mile for your prospective customers. Welcome emails could conversely also act like transactional emails as we can see from its nature. 

  • Tutorials and Tip Emails

These types of emails mix engagement and transactional emails. Provide valuable information to your visitors in the form of meaningful tutorials or tips as to the usage of your products or services. The tutorials could be very simple or detailed depending on the product in question and the customer needs. Your customers would gladly welcome new teachings as a way of adding value to their customer experience that bodes well for your brand.

You could break down the tutorials into small segments complete with links and reviews to the products to further get your audience invested culminating in an offer to seal the deal, thus making tutorial emails a great example of engagement and transactional emails.

  • Customer Stories

It’s important to give your visitors an idea of how your product or service is perceived by the people using it. Customer stories are a great way to build a sense of community, allowing people to relate to other people’s experiences and get them invested in your brand.

These stories could be in the form of a short interview, where people provide tips,reviews and insights regarding the commodity in question. Or it could be a video or a collage of pictures as well.

A great example would be how Udemy saw a steady rise in content management owing to incorporation of customer stories on their blog. Add customer stories to your emails to improve customer engagement further.

  • Brand Stories

Well we have talked about customer stories, which are stories about your brand as seen by the people. Brand stories are the stories about your brand that comes through you and your team. Show people a glimpse into what goes into building up the commodity for their use, people like watching your origin stories. Doesn’t have to be too elaborate, but a simple look at some major decisions, tracking the progress of your product by sharing your experience with the people gives them something engaging to look at.

  • Re-engagement emails

Your customers lost interest since your last update, or maybe they weren’t that interested to begin with. Re-engagement emails are meant to cater to this specific section in an attempt to engage their attention. According to a study around 12% of the people read the re engagement emails. Considering the fact that is a part of a campaign meant to win back customers that number is no small feat. The typical re-engagement emails tend to contain ‘miss you’ or ‘come back’ in the subject line (how about Charlie Puth’s See You Again?) or an enticing email about a new line of products could help pique the interest of this section.

Now onto transaction emails. Here’s a couple different kinds of transaction emails.

  • Cart Abandonment Reminders

Pretty logical name, cart abandonment reminders are emails sent to potential customers to add items to their cart but don’t follow through on a purchase. Pretty essential for an online store. The opportunity that lays behind this could be immense since according to studies almost two-thirds of the transactions on shopping carts are abandoned. Such an email should be a call-to-action with a compelling plea to complete the transaction. 

  • Time-Sensitive Promotions

These are emails that are reminders for offers that are about to expire. It could be a discounted price on a product or the limited availability of a commodity. The nature of urgency should be evident from the subject line itself, driving the customers to take action. We all have played those games where we get to attain a coveted title for a very limited time, the appeal is evident and should be the basis for time-sensitive promotions .

  • Receipt Emails

These are the order confirmation emails or receipt mails that one receives after having purchased a commodity. Receipt emails are a great example of transactional emails as receipt mails could also be imbued with information regarding similar products(is this what you were looking for sir?), offers, discounts on different products and services meant to lock in a potential customer’s attention. It could also be used by the company as a means of receiving inputs and reviews about the product from their customers.

  • Sales Follow Ups

 “Your order has been shipped on May 5,2019” is an example of sales follow up content meant to be maximized for their branding opportunity. You could use that email to offer other details, product recommendations or meaningful info as to other products and services to cater to your potential customer’s needs.


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