Running anything related to hospitality business like hotels involves lot of innovation and ideas. Hospitality is something that all of us have participated in, either as an owner or a customer. It is one of the most diverse and large industry sector all across the world. To be in such business and to run it successfully will take a lot of work. With so many options available today, it is not an easy job to stand out and make the customers choose you over others. This is why this business needs marketing to be done in many various forms and email marketing is one of the best forms that can drive results and make your business stay ahead on the line.

Email marketing for hotels is nothing but hosting and running email campaigns for hotels. Although the tools used can be similar for any business, strategies and planning of each business varies. Involving email marketing in this business is very essential especially with extreme competition it involves.



Here’s why you need email marketing –

  • Personalized Guest Experience – this offers you an opportunity to personalize your guest experience. You can send those reminders, thankyou messages, welcome messages and such. This will build your connection with your customers on emotional basis and builds strong relations and leave a positive and satisfied feeling.
  • Build Online Presence – this will let you build your online presence and reach more people. You can have social media profiles and active presence but adding email marketing to it will increase your online presence and studies and surveys prove that email marketing is more effective than other forms.
  • Feedback – emails can be personally sent to your guests to collect their feedbacks. Feedbacks are always helpful in improving your quality and performance. This will lead you to perfection and build your brand. This will be helpful in keeping you on the top of your industry with time.


  1. SET UP AN EMAIL ID – first step to get started is to set up a professional email id, preferably with your hotel name.


  1. DRAFT YOUR SUBSCRIBERS LIST – this is the list of subscribers who have agreed to receive emails from you. Check your data and make a proper list of existing customers email ids. Starting with already existing subscribers is a great way to get started and evaluate the quality of your campaign and email messages.


  1. RE-SEGMENTING LIST – re-segmenting list is made after evaluating and understanding reports from your previous campaigns. This kind of segmenting is based on subscribers who are regularly engaging with your emails and those who are not. Try a new way to engage the customers who are not opening your emails. This will either get you more customers to add in your engaging list or if they don’t re-engage, you can give your complete focus on the people who engage. This can be difficult to engage audience, but trying to engage by using different strategies and techniques is always a preferred option.


  1. PERSONALIZED EMAILS – After segmenting, sort the list by common things and interests they might share, you can directly broadcast same email to everyone on your list, but sorting them and sending them more personalized mails will build their interest in you and will let you connect and build more stronger relations.


  1. GROW YOUR LIST – growing your list means gaining new subscribers. Add a subscribe form on your website and different social media platforms. Keep the subscribing process simple and fast because customers will not be willing to spend lot of time and understand complex process to receive email updates from you.


  1. BRANDING – although the ultimate goal of email marketing campaigns is to gain more sales and increase revenue, branding is also an important factor that you can use to gain more customers. People often tend to trust on brands with good image. Make sure you talk about how your brand is unique and different from the rest. But keep it simple and short. Customers just want to know how they can be benefited by you and not all the history. So always remember “what’s in it for me”


  1. PRE-ARRIVAL EMAILS – sending them pre-arrival emails is a great way to connect on emotional basis with your customers. This will make them feel welcomed and they will be more interested to know more about you and your hotel. You can include your address, map location, best and shortest way to get to you, booking information, hotel amenities, invitation and etc. in pre-arrival mails.


  1. HIGHLIGHT – highlight the main purpose of your email and what it talks about. Let it not get so involved in different stuff. Make it so clear that even if the customer just opens he needs to know the context and benefits you’re offering without reading the whole email.


  1. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – use email to increase your social media following and engagement. By simply adding different social media buttons or links which will re-direct them to your different accounts and pages. This will be benefited to your both email and social media presence.


  1. POST CHECK-IN EMAILS – after the customer has checked-in you can send them a post check-in email. This can include a thankyou message for staying with you, your reception phone numbers, places they can visit around, discounts and offers, and encouraging them to visit again. This will build trust and trust leads to loyalty which means you would have earned one new loyal customer to your brand.


  1. FOLLOW UP AND FEEDBACK – you can ask your customer for feedback of their stay and this will give you insights on what needs to be improved to make their stay better and homely.


  1. REPORTS AND ALALYTICS – you constantly have to keep tracking on your email marketing metrics like how many opened your email, which keywords get more clicks, how many follow up with you how many can be considered to re-target. This will give you insights on where and how your money is being spent and what changes you can make to gain better results.

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