Email Marketing has given way for many new technologies to come into light. Email marketing is nothing but marketing with the help of email. This is one of the widely preferred digital marketing strategies which offers a wide range of tools and strategies to accomplish your business goals at a very affordable prices. With all the marketing strategies used to send bulk mails at a time, this is no different. Blanket mailing refers to sending same email to many contacts at a time. Although this sounds similar to bulk mailing, it’s not. There is a lot more to it than we know yet.


Blanket email is a same email sent out to a mass audience. Blanket email is an email sent to more than one contact at a time related to the same subject. This is mostly used to send reminders, sale information, offers and such advertising strategies to mass group of people at a time. This number of recipients can vary from hundreds to thousands.  Blanket email is also used to share any information or a funny forward that is forwarded to your co-workers.

For example, “50% offer sale” email sent to all its recipient contacts at a time.

For example, any important document like new laws brought into the company etc. shared with all the employees of the organization.


  1. SUBSCRIBERS LIST – first step before doing anything else is to draft the list of the people whom you want to send this mail to. This list is very important as you don’t want to send this mail to wrong audience because that will make them loose interest in you and degrade your brand image.
  1. SEGMENTATION – segmentation is when you have the list ready and you divide the list into the people who would receive this mail and people who would not. This will help you in keeping the audience engaged with the content that is relevant to them.
  1. UPLOAD YOU MAILING LIST – upload the list of recipients who would be receiving this email. Make sure you enter the right email addresses and target the right audience.
  1. EMAIL CAMPAIGN – create an email campaign and enable all the tools you want to make use of. Customize your templates, change colors, fonts and sizes, target audience, location and images if you want to add any etc.
  1. MONITOR STATISTICS – with every separate campaign you hosted, monitor those results and statistical graphs time to time. Check out how many have opened your email, how many clicked, if anyone mark you as spam and if anyone unsubscribed you.
  1. REPORTS AND ANALYSIS – now that you know all your statistical data, draft them as easily understandable and simple reports and analyze strategies on how you can make your campaigns better and more effective.


  • Ability to send an email instantly to many recipients.
  • Affordable price.
  • Time saving.
  • Contact thousands of people with just one email.
  • Send a mail within just few minutes.
  • Share important documents with your colleagues at a time.


  • Cannot be completely personalized.
  • Emails can end up in spam folders.
  • It might not be liked by some people as it is not personalized.
  • Using blanket emails excessively.
  • Can be ineffective if the chosen target audience don’t fall under the category of the subject your email is.


  • PERMISSION – permission in the sense means to send mails only to the people who have subscribed to receive emails from you. Sending emails without permission will just end up your brand and product’s being turned down.
  • RELAVENT INFORMATION – make sure the information you send is relevant to the target audience. Unnecessary information makes the audience loose interest in you and they might end up unsubscribing to your emails.
  • ON POINT – keep the message on point and do not make it too long. Even if your email is lengthy the main objective of sending that mail must be clear at the soonest. No one likes to read long emails, especially if they don’t know what it is about.
  • WELL WRITTEN – make sure you proofread before sending out the emails. Because it is not professional to send out clumsy and unsorted content and this will just lead the audience to ignore you emails or unsubscribe to your notifications. Any of those outcomes is not good for the brand image and revenue model.
  • PERSONAL MESSAGING – if the message needs to be personalized then it is a bad choice to blanket email. Because blanket emailing cannot be completely personalized. And also if you are discussing about employee performance or anything such, blanket emails are not the way to go with. These mails can be forwarded and this information is personal and can end up hurting the other person.
  • SPAM – before you send emails to bulk audience, you need to make sure that you choose the right audience and those to whom it can really be relevant to or it might just end up being in spam box.

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