Political mail is used by political candidates to garner the people’s support for them, in a broad sense. After all when it comes to elections, the most important proponents are the voters. To maximize one’s chances of victory you would need a solid plan in place to market yourself to the public. The essence here is the same as that of a normal marketing plan. You need to look at it in a similar fashion. While you market yourself, you need to think about these questions. What makes you stand apart? What are you offering to the people? How are you better than your opponents? Basically why should you be picked over others.

Similar to a marketing plan, an election campaign involves capitalising on different forms of media for the purpose of canvassing. It could be TV, billboards, radio, newsletter advertisements , with a wider foray into digital media.

Let’s talk a bit about how political mail can play an instrumental role in your election campaign.

The first step to a good political mail design is to step into your voter’s shoes. Be aware that it is fairly common for the people to not have any idea about you as a candidate.

there are primarily three types of readers:

  1. 3-5 seconds attention span – These will give your mail a casual glance sifting quickly before throwing it away treating it as spam essentially.
  2. 10-20 seconds attention span– They’ll dig into the headlines and scan the rest of the copy.
  3. 30+ seconds attention span– These are the people who are actually going to devote time to go through your entire mail and absorb the content in its entirety. Keeping the mail engaging is the key.

Few tips to make sure your mail falls under the radar of people willing to be a part of the 30+ seconds attention span group.

  • Design: Simple And Sombre is The Way Forward
    A quick reminder good political mail design must engage and reflect your target audience – and your candidate. Always keep the three key elements on the forefront for positive mail reception :
  1. Candidate Photos – Get a decent photo and stick with it. A good photo is either a strong headshot or something that clearly depicts the personality of the candidate. Remember that you can reflect your target audience in these photos so it is imperative that your photo represents what you stand for with charisma. For example, if you’re targeting senior citizens, you should include photos of the candidate engaging with senior citizens for maximum engagement. People should be able to relate to that image.
  2. Candidate Logo – Most campaigns incorporate their logo on all their campaign materials. Whether it’s business cards, t-shirts, yard signs, billboards or mail pieces, your logo should be there. Size does matter here. This creates consistency and better voter recognition.
  3. Campaign Information – Choose what is most important to your voters at the time you plan to drop your mail pieces, align your campaign to reach out to your audience. If your target audience is early voters, remind them. If it gets any later than that, remind them.

You can also include your slogan and/or campaign contact information (website, phone number, etc.) You could even include your party affiliation but remember your audience. A one-fit-all model doesn’t work here, understand the different sections of your voting community in order to pander to them separately. 

  • Political Mail Design Sizes: How big of a sign should you put up to have a legitimate impact? The  mail piece sizes generally used are 6×9 or 6×11.
    These are a good fit based on your budget and a big enough canvas for your political mail design. However, depending on the voter situation you may consider nonstandard sizes when voters are being flooded with political mail. It’s always good to stand out!

 Formatting: The layout matters!
A good political mail design uses white space efficiently to allow the eye to pick out what’s important – especially for the scanners.Keep the important stuff (candidate name, contact information, etc.) areas easily visible from any angle , infact place it strategically so the first thing anyone observes happens to be this section. Don’t try to stuff everything in at once. Too much copy, small font, and a busy mail piece is overwhelming and often incomprehensible for the voter to pick out. You can never go wrong with simplicity.

Now that we’ve got that ironed out, let’s discuss a couple of templates you could utilise for an effective election campaign.

  • Voter Registration Political Postcard Template

A voter registration drive is imperative in a campaign, in order to push people with a call of action.

  • Political Fundraiser Postcard Template

Fundraisers are meant to raise money for the operation of the properties among other things, an effective poster goes a long way to rope in the voters.

  • Don’t Underestimate Political Postcard Template

A poster with a strong message appealing to the national sentiment of the voters , it is clinical in an effective call-of-action.

  • Door Hanger Political Postcard Template

One of the cheapest and efficient ways to garner the attention of the voters to your cause, the door hanger political postcard is quite popular among the voters. 


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