According to statistics 4% of internet users use email. As regards to Blue Hornet, 39 percent of people check their emails 1 to 3 times per day: 33.8 percent of people check their email throughout the day. It makes email a great platform to promote your product. Email marketing is a direct form of marketing. It is the practice of using email to promote your business. It is effectively use to establish relationship with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer’s loyalty. It is considered to be efficient for wallet as well as environment. 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics. It is an effective way to keep your customers informed about new sales or promotion you are running.  Email has an ability to create valuable personal touches at scale.

An Email Digital Marketing is a process in which an email is sent from a business to one or more costumers or prospects.  It is a sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients at once. An Email digital marketing is called to be successful when it will get the recipients to take action, engage with your business, and help you to get more leads and sales. One of the biggest reasons of its success is because 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers still use email regularly. It is the perfect tool for building customer relationships to help you generate leads and sales. Email Campaign Marketing has the potential to deliver an off-the-chart return on investment. It consists of many interlocked activities that is an email list through lead generation tactics to designing lead generation tactics to designing & coding an email. It is used to reach out the costumers at the best time and provide valuable content and relevant offers. At the heart of an effective email marketing strategy lies carefully considered email campaign management.

Key benefits of email digital marketing:

  • Cost effective: Email marketing has one of the highest returns in investment of all digital marketing activities. For this small price, you are likely to see web visits, click-through, shares, and more. From reaching hundreds of people with one single message, you truly are getting the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Increase Website traffic: By adding links you your website in email will encourage people to visit your site, look around, and potentially convert.
  • Maintaining ongoing relationship with current patients: one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your patients is sending those monthly newsletters. It keeps them up to date on what is happening at your practice, and gives them a friendly reminder that you care.
  • Positions you as an expert: Having your hand in the email blasts that go out will help you to position as an expert in the field. Anything you do adds a personal touch in relationship between you too which increase trust value.
  • Good opportunity to encourage referrals: Email marketing is used to encourage referrals. Include some short of offers who will refer a new patient.
  • Keep Subscribers up to date on new services & promotions: Email marketing is used to send important messages to current patients. Something changed, adding a new services, there is new offers, make sure to send an e-blast.
  • It’s personalized: Customers will receive emails written specifically for them based upon their recent behavior
  • It’s measurable: Like other digital marketing channels, you can easily determine the impact of your email campaigns.
  • It builds a two way communication: Unlike search and referral traffic, you can have two way conversations with patient via email.

Why Email Digital Marketing is important for your business:

  • It creates Brand awareness
  • It Increase open-rates and reach more people
  • It generate website traffic by improving click-through rates
  • It get brand evangelists and building customer loyalty
  • It increase conversions and drive business growth

Some basic guide to run Email Marketing is:

  1. Set your Goal: what is the main aim of the campaign? Having a goal helps you to select the type of design and structure which will be more suitable. Set realistic goals that are achievable and monitor your efficiency.
  2. Planning it right: It is the first and foremost activity to achieve desired results. A proper planning and management will avoid the last minute hustle or procrastination by setting the right timeline. It involves the creation and maintenance of plan, such as psychological aspects that require conceptual skills.
  3. Building a target Email list: Email list is the fuel that propels the vehicle of email marketing. Make sure landing page conveys the message clearly. As the intent and interest of the lead increases, you have better opportunities to collect personal detailed information from the subscribers.
  4. Segmenting the email list: just sending each mail to every subscriber is not enough. It is important to send right message to the right person, and this is possible through email list segmentation. Segment the list on the basis of: demographics, geographical location, past purchases, total purchase value, frequency of purchase, etc. the more relevant mail be the more effective it will be.
  5. Preparing the email copy: once you have the calendar, you know the next email that you have to work on. So start working on that project creatively. After the design approval, the email coding team comes into picture.
  6. Designing and coding the email: A design is the most important aspect of the campaign as it attracts the potential customer’s attention and makes it more effective. Designing and coding leads to make subscribers take an action on that email. So it is important to look closely after it.
  7. Testing the email: every email coded must be carefully tested. It should be checked for the links and be free from any bugs. Every link and CTA should redirect the user to the right page.
  8. Deploying the email and analyzing metrics: the final email is integrated in the ESP of your choice and checked across the major email clients and different devices with variable screen sizes before deployment.
  9. Optimizing the campaigns and email list: Over a period of time, the email subscribers are likely to go dormant and stop engaging with the emails. They should be removed so that you can maintain a clean list with good email deliverability.


Email marketing allows you to reach your customers, on any device, and inform them continuously. When you communicate through email, you build a link to strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. When it comes to Email Digital Marketing, Adstuck is the best option for your business.

Adstuck is an Email Marketing agency working from all over the world with four locations India, Singapore, Estonia and US. Its mission is to provide instant access to a talented workforce to enterprise. They have 491 clients and worked over 700 projects, with 30 fortunes 500 firms.

Adstuck Consulting Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 23 January 2012. It is classified as Non govt Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Directors of Adstuck Consulting Private Limited are Nitesh Kumar Kothari, Anumeha Sharma, Kundan Kumar, Abhishek Shankar, Peng Guowei, Probin Anand.

Adstuck Email Marketing services helps you speed up your sales cycle. They send email to motivate people to buy your product & services. They will create engaging newsletters to help you stay top of mind. Use Adstuck email services to speed up your sales, save time and utilize their experienced personal. Customers only want emails if you are emailing valuable content. This email marketing agency will help you create emails your audience will love,

They inform, persuade and win the loyalty of a contact base that’s interested in your product or services. Their marketing automating tools lets you trigger marketing emails based on a number of different actions your contacts take. It is very popular emailing platform among small business as well as established business. It is considered to be the top choice for companies. They are specialized in sending mass marketing emails and both are equipped with more complex tools.

It is a strong and leading digital Email marketing service provider which can help you with cost cutting, plan execution, perfect reporting, strategy making, data collecting, and response collection from consumers. It handles all the aspects of your business. They don’t focus only on new on emerging brands who wants entail success and distribution in the market but also on brands that have successfully established the customer retail space, and need some assistance in managing their business.

They accelerate sales and marketing by working on complete digital marketing, making setup by marketing automation, and focus on sales by digital marketing, doing branding, ecommerce, and programmatic, social, search and affiliate. Adstuck will successfully use all your capabilities in such a form that it will turn into your future shields. It will help you to achieve Digital Marketing, strategy, Media buying, Ad optimization, Search engine optimization and marketing management. It builds brand awareness, as well as increase revenue generating from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more. This company provide marketing management services like result-driving strategy planning which is important for every brand, content creation, content publishing, and monitor results, manage and implement campaigns and community management, and many more. Adstuck is specialized marketing management agency which gives you access to one or more of the services at the same time. Whether you want to launch new product or want to boost up the sale of existing product Adstuck will help you to archive your entire goal in least time possible. It is all service provider agency which is like a one-stop-shop for everything you will require.

Adstuck have expertise working in every field who works closely with you to fulfil your goals and requirements.

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