To ensure your marketing team performs optimally , you need to set goals for them to achieve. A Marketing implementation strategy/plan is helpful when it comes to the execution  of your marketing plan. It also ensures you don’t fall back on your goals.

Marketing implementation is the conversion of your marketing strategy into real-life actions, to be put simply. Marketing implementation helps bring your marketing plan to life.

We’ll discuss the strategy for marketing implementation in great detail :

  • Manage Expectations
  • Resource Management
  • Marketing Strategy Documentation
  • Building Workflow Execution
  • Chalk Out Project Management Plans
  • Determine Performance Metrics

What are some simple steps that you can take to improve your overall marketing implementation?

  • Pack Everything You Need

Ensure you have everything you would possibly need . This is essential to help you execute every marketing project and complete every goal.

  • Earmark Roles

Clarify the role each member of your team would play in your marketing workflows, like task ownership and dependencies.

  • Upwards And Onwards  

Use a project management style that helps you constantly upgrade and upscale your process when the time comes.

Advantages Of Marketing Implementation Plan

Why should you focus on building a robust marketing implementation plan?

  • Makes Expectations Regarding Deadlines Clear
    • A survey by CoSchedule’s email and social media audience revealed that 69% of marketers don’t include a dedicated marketing project manager. The absence of a tool or manager leads to slip-ups generally.
    • Pushing back on projects that might not be urgent or take some time to yield tangible results , to give way to other projects is a common occurrence. 
    • With a Marketing implementation plan the strategies become real-world actions which are time-bound.
  • It Builds Accountability Through Task Ownership
    • Goals and projects are broken down into workflows and individual tasks .
    • With each task assignment the owners get an idea how the work of each individual affects everyone else’s work.
  • Provides Your Team With a Roadmap To Follow
    • An implementation plan converts your long-term plans into clear processes like:
      • Marketing Workflows
      • Task Templates and Checklists
  • Makes Your Plan a Reality
    • With a marketing implementation plan, you break down the work you have to do into doable bits, time-bound and divided among your team members. By doing this, you take your plan from paper to seeing meaningful results.

Marketing Implementation Strategy

The optimal implementation strategy can be broken down into 6 important steps as follows :

  • Manage Expectations
    • Manage everyone’s expectations to remove unwanted pressure while creating space for experiments and iteration.
    • Results take time. Understand that building an audience, demand generation, lead conversion, gaining momentum will take time. Figure out how much time your results will take to be displayed.
    • The more detailed your marketing implementation strategy is( in terms of describing messaging, goals and audience expectations ), the more accurate would your predictions be. 
  • Resource Management

It is imperative to identify the resources you would need to meet your unique needs. Start with scouting talent , software and resources that can help you hit those goals.

  • Technical Skills
    • Understanding of SEO, custom elements for website among others
  • Social Media Management
    • Regular content scheduling
    • Managing comments and replies
    • In-depth understanding of each platform to leverage them for capitalising on content
  • Graphic Design
    • Visual item creation like infographics, website design, charts and much more.
  • Content Creation
    • Blog Posts
    • Website Content
    • Social Media Posts
    • Landing Page Copy
  • Project Management
    • Make sure the project is on track and time-bound
  • Marketing Strategy Documentation

Marketing is about creating content that brings tangible results, so a powerful marketing strategy would lead to profitable customer action.

Add fuel to your Marketing implementation plan by documenting and defining the following :

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Budget
  • Brand Positioning and Voice
  • SMART Marketing Goals
  • Marketing Channels,tactics,metrics
  • Analytics
  • Project Brainstorming,planning and management  
  • Building Workflow Execution
    • Map everything that is to be done
    • Reduce number of steps on workflow(cut back on less effective steps)
    • Combine steps into tasks with action verbs 
    • Define each task
    • Identify who does what task
    • Determine estimated time it would take to complete that task
    • Plan ahead to check the gap between task completion and publishing
    • Notify, remind and collaborate with the task owners to ensure a smooth workflow pipeline 
  • Chalk Out Project Management Plans

To ensure your project runs smoothly , you need a project management plan in place. This plan would help you :

  • Embrace innovation

Update your project to stay ahead of the new developments of your time.

  • Fuel efficiency

Look into the project you are devoting your time to. Is your focus solely on high value projects? Or do you find yourself being distracted by small projects ?

  • Upscale and Growth Opportunities

With the growth of your marketing team and contributors you begin to see your results soar as well which lead to a project completion in efficient fashion

  • Determine Performance Metrics

After you’ve meticulously planned and executed all of the above steps it is necessary to measure your results , through a number of metrics. This is done in order to evaluate your results, to see what went wrong and what went right.

These questions would help you determine your marketing implementation results.

  • Is the timeframe you set for the completion of tasks realistic? Does your marketing team stick to this? Does the timeline need adjustments?
  • Does your team still cover all the skills you need? Do you need to hire internally or outsource a certain project or process? 
  • Is your software stack still the best one for the work you want your team to accomplish?Or do you need an external hire?
  • Is your team still relying on your market planning and  implementation? Is there something in your marketing strategy that isn’t working and needs to be refreshed?
  • What steps in your project management strategy need to be changed? Are there any constraints in marketing strategy implementation?
  • Does your project management strategy work for you and your team?
  • How does your digital marketing implementation plan manage efficiency?
  • How does your team respond to actionable feedback and do they have any suggestions to improve efficiency? Marketing planning and evaluation is essential.
  • Are you implementing the research plan in marketing for your business ?


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