A Digital Marketing Analyst has the responsibility of performing accurate analysis and analyzing statistics related to company assets to improve a company’s online digital marketing efforts . This information is garnered by a digital marketing analyst through websites, surveys, search engine rankings , social media ads, website banner ads and other direct market research methods. 

We will break down today’s discussion into :

  1. Digital Marketing Analyst Salary
  2. Digital Marketing Analyst Job Description
  3. Digital Marketing Analyst Roles/ Responsibilities
  4. Digital Marketing Analyst Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing Analyst Salary

A digital marketing analyst makes around $56,804 at an average as of April 27,2020 in the US. Although the range falls between $49,128 and $64,618. The salary is subject to a number of relevant factors like :

  • Education
  • Certification
  • Experience In The Field
  • Additional Skills :
    • Data Analysis
    • Business Analysis and many more

In the end your salary is determined by the value you can add to the company. Make sure you are indispensable in your work environment.

  • Digital Marketing Analyst Job Description

The job description can be deemed hefty at times. Let’s dig into what an analyst’s job entails. 

  • Identify SEO opportunities
    • Identify External and Internal Link building opportunities because it goes a long way in establishing your footholding in the market.
    • Search for unlinked mentions in order to build external links. 
    • Internal links can be built through some digging. Do a site search for older content that might be related to what you are writing at the moment and find anchor text within old content linked to older content.
  • Perform SEO,Content and Social Media Audits
    • Identify potential information architectural improvements. Redistribute internal linking structures on your website.
    • Find content that fails to meet user needs or thin content
    • Identify duplicate content and scrap it off your page
    • Scan your document to implement keyword implementation
    • Optimize Meta Tags
    • Take a leap. Make the conversion from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Improve conversion of Owned and Earned Media Traffic
    • Develop a contingency plan to promote your content in a unique, platform-native way across different channels
  • Regular Performance Reports and KPIs
    • This is essential to track your efficiency and to find the gaps in your skill-set
    • Instrumental in improving the workflow of the company as a whole .
    • Work on your KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Develop Social Media Optimization Strategies
    • Look for opportunities to update your page
    • Run Pagespeed Analytics 
    • Scan the page for inadvertent errors
  • Creative White Hat Link Identification
    • Friendly Blog Rolls. A friendly reminder to your acquaintances to put a link in the “Friends” blogroll section
    • Ask For Credit from partners and clients. But ease into it. You could either put the link yourself  or provide an embeddable HTML snippet with the link
    • Create Message Board Signatures. In your forum signature, include a link to your site. 
    • Ask Your Suppliers / Distributors.Based on mutual trust, your suppliers are much more likely to link back to you.
    • Directories are a good way to submit your site to niche oriented regions. Do ensure the directory is fine before using it.
    • Web Design Galleries can help garner the coveted traffic for your website due to the visual appeal.
    • Claim brand mentions. This means make sure that your brand name finds its way back to your site. You could use a service like Mention or Buzzsumo to track brand name mentions.
    • Spy On Competitors and get their backlinks. Strategise and study your competitor’s plan. If the SERPs of your competitors are better than you then look for things that you could incorporate in your strategy.
  • Other Related Opportunities

Careers related to digital marketing analyst that you can take a peek at are as follows :

  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Web Search Evaluator
  • SEO Content Writer
  • Internet Search Engine Marketing Consultant


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