BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that allows users to create and build relationships through video.

Video email marketing is a strategy that uses embedded HTML5 videos, GIFs, static images with a play button as a link to a video to increase subscriber engagement via emails. Video is a powerful medium. People spend almost three times longer on web pages with videos than on ones without. Video captures the attention and imagination in a way text can’t. It puts everyone in the same room as the other person and mimics a face to face interaction. When it comes down to it, most people would rather watch video than read a long email. It is considered to be very attractive than other mediums. Using the word video in your email subject line increases open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

By using Bombbomb application, users can send video to their connections from virtually anywhere. Videos can be sent through email, text, or social media – letting you reach anyone you need to at any time. At home or on the go, it doesn’t matter where you are. What matters is that it can provide you with the opportunity to stay connected by being there without being there. Whether you’re looking to convert leads, boost engagement, increase clicks, or just let someone know you were thinking about them, BombBomb lets you say it through video. Relationships are what we do, and we strive to help you win more opportunities to succeed.

Benefits of Video email marketing are:

  • Control the message
  • Access to better analytics
  • Increases open rate and click-through rates
  • Draws a lot of attention
  • Information is digested effectively
  • Increases forwarding
  • It can go viral

How to use Video in Email Marketing:

  • Introduce a product video
  • Provide understandable tutorial
  • Create beautiful celebration emails
  • Grow readabilities

BombBomb makes it easy to build relationship through email, text, and social media. Their average customer satisfaction score is 95%. 126 million minutes of video sent through BombBomb each year. Number of countries in which people are using BombBomb is 42. Relationships are the foundation of their business. Relationships are built upon conversation — active listening and honest feedback. Their business is all about people and helping people reach their goals through building relationships. BombBomb has grown dramatically over the past decade. Through periods of rapid growth, the team’s worked hard to maintain a positive, collaborative culture based on a clear mission and core values. It was recently best medium-sized company to work for in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine. BombBomb is the fastest way to record and send video messages, keeping you face-to-face with the people who matter most. It build trust faster, convert more leads, and generate more referrals by delivering more of your messages “in person.” No matter the channel of your digital communication, a simple video makes it more human, clearer, and more effective. BombBomb helps you truly connect when more common and faceless typed-out text gets ignored. Their primary goals here at BombBomb is to ensure a seamless, easy experience for you and your recipients. They want it to be easy for you to build and strengthen relationships with simple videos through email, social, and mobile. So, they support the latest in technological releases. Remember, this doesn’t mean other versions won’t work; in many cases it probably will, but they just can’t guarantee it.

Some alternatives of BombBomb are:

Renderforest videos

Use this online branding tool to design your logo, create professional intros, animations, promo videos, slideshows, and music visualizations, landing pages or even a professional website. Renderforest Video is a cloud-based video maker for creating intro videos for YouTube, explainer animations, kinetic typography, product or service promotional videos, music visualizations, wedding or travel slideshows, mobile app promotions, event invitations, corporate presentations, infographics, and a lot more. Renderforest online logo maker helps you create your logo and branding guidance in minutes. We collect information and use machine learning algorithms to determine the best logo which is unique and can be the main part of your brand. Service is free to try. Most of us need a professional website to present our business. They give you simple online tools to help you get a professional website under an hour. Once you have your logo and promotional video ready, use Renderforest Sites to create your website and publish on your unique domain. Renderforest has gives a stable platform that has allows to create promotional content for my new business. As the primary role in business is to reach, teach, and inspire the youth of America to succeed professionally; Renderforest has allows to reach this audience across the world by creating teaser content to drive interest towards mentorship and life coaching. Renderforest is used to create external content where blogs, articles, and other mediums may not reach the youth as easily as music and videos. Renderforest continues to provide high quality graphic tools that can professionalize and enhance your company’s media communication effectiveness. The combination of eye-catching rendered artwork paired with your organization’s creative message creates a winning combination of substance and style that will impress and resonate with your customers. At Renderforest they are working hard to give people the opportunity to create high-quality videos with a professional touch. They put quality at the core of everything they do, and this reflects not only in their product but also in their team spirit and collaborations.


Vidyard is a software company headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, that creates software to host and analyze video performance. The company was founded in May 2010. Vidyard is the easiest way to create, host, and share videos so you can keep connecting with customers and colleagues when everything else feels remote. Video is changing the way businesses connect and communicate in an increasingly digital world. From marketing, sales and customer service to employee training and corporate communications, video is helping businesses of all sizes humanize communications and personalize customer experiences.

Vidyard is the video platform that helps businesses transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video. Going beyond video hosting and management, we help businesses connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences, learn powerful insights on their viewing audience, turn insights into action with enterprise integrations, and prove the impact of their video programs.

Global leaders and industry pioneers such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, Citibank, Marketo, MongoDB, GroupOn, Terminus and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video strategies and turn viewers into customers.


Dubb, is focused on helping clients better leverage video—including video emails—in their marketing campaigns. Dubb is a free alternative to BombBomb that allows you to create and send video through email, CRMs, social channels, and SMS. Their goal is to help all of their clients leverage the power of video marketing, make genuine, authentic connections with their audience, and increase their conversion rates and sales. Dubb video landing pages are easily sent via email, LinkedIn, SMS, CRMs and more to convert viewers into clients. Grow your business with actionable video pages that can be sent anywhere with GIF previews. Conduct your entire sales, marketing, and support efforts through a fully integrated asynchronous video platform. Create. Share. Track. Wherever you are, your conversions are here. The Dubb Desktop app is a fully-integrated screen and webcam recording desktop app for your Mac or PC. Record anything you can see on your screen, including PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and your entire browser. Have peace-of-mind know you can also play, pause and maximize your webcam to add a more polished look to your video. Maybe even a masterclass. Dubb offers a suite of video creation, distribution, and tracking tools to engage your prospects and increase your revenue.


Wistia Inc. is a video-software company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wistia provides video-hosting services for businesses, including adding videos to the web, tracking performance and building audiences. As of 2017, a claimed 300,000 companies use Wistia. As of 2018, Wistia had 87 employees. Wistia was founded in 2006 by Brendan Schwartz and Chris Savage. Wistia is proud to help more than 500,000 businesses grow with video. As marketers they know that consumers are loyal to certain brands because of emotion-based attractions. They’ve known this since 20th century, but todau, because thy’re more connected than ever, their brand are required to do even more of the heavy lifiting. They rely do much on recommendations for products and services from friends, family, and co-workers, that build a reputable brands consumers can connect with is essential to not only growing sales, but also influencing how people speak about your business to others. Video marketing software designed to help you build real connections with your audience.  Wistia makes video customization infinitely easier and more accessible for our whole team. It’s never been easier for us to create videos that generate leads and drive product usage.

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Adstuck is an Email Marketing agency working from all over the world with four locations India, Singapore, Estonia and US. Its mission is to provide instant access to a talented workforce to enterprise. They have 491 clients and worked over 700 projects, with 30 fortunes 500 firms.

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It is a strong and leading digital Email marketing service provider which can help you with cost cutting, plan execution, perfect reporting, strategy making, data collecting, and response collection from consumers. It handles all the aspects of your business. They don’t focus only on new on emerging brands who wants entail success and distribution in the market but also on brands that have successfully established the customer retail space, and need some assistance in managing their business.

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