What is an email workflow diagram?

The email workflow diagram or the email flowchart is a type of flowchart created to help an individual deal with incoming mail inquiries. An important part of email marketing automation strategy, it consists of a number of steps that lead to an increase in professional efficiency. How is it done? It helps the user promptly differentiate between regular and urgent tasks.

An email workflow diagram helps break down your email automation strategy into subdivisions to target attention according to the priorities given to different subdivisions.

There are a number of diagram makers or email flowchart makers available on the internet that help you build a professional flow chart in no time. Try out one free flowchart template to get a real-time idea of how a workflow chart is set up.  

Before we look at email workflow diagrams let’s look at a few types of email workflows to get a better understanding.

Email Workflow Examples

Let’s talk about the different types of email workflows to get a better understanding as to its functioning.

1. Customer Success/Engagement Workflow

Main Triggers: Success Metrics or Product Usage

If you track the customer success metrics, you have a prime workflow opportunity on your hands. Say you’re trying to build up an arsenal of customer case studies, you could trigger an email that asks customers if they’d be interested in being featured as one of the success stories once certain customer success metrics were met.

Also if you are tracking the customers’ feature usage, you could probably trigger a workflow for the users who are exhibiting low product engagement. How? By providing resources that educate and train them on how to use the product features they’re not utilizing or capitalizing on.

2. Upcoming Purchase Reminder Workflow

Main Trigger: Purchases Made on a Cycle

Does your database include customers who typically purchase in a  cycle? Put these people in a workflow that gets triggered when they make a purchase.

For instance, let’s say you sell skincare products, and a customer purchases a four-month supply of skin care regimen products. Enroll that customer into a workflow that sends them an automated email three months later as a reminder that their four-month supply is about to run out, and it might be time to order a new batch of contacts.

Or how Netflix provides a reminder a few days before the end of your free trial period to either cancel the subscription or your current subscription plan is automatically continued.

3. Customer Service or Ticket Workflow

Main Trigger: A customer contacts customer service through an email or an online form.

Sometimes, your customers or prospects may face troubles while using your free or paid software. When this happens, fielding a bunch of customer service emails and messages can take away tons of valuable time from your schedule. 

In order to avoid this you can create a workflow that categorizes customer concerns into tickets that can be organized, labeled, and assigned to customer service reps on your team. These tickets can also allow you to keep track of ongoing problems as well as when issues with a customer or prospect are resolved. 

Let’s talk about email workflow diagrams now that we’ve gotten an idea of the different kinds of email workflows.

Email Workflow Diagram Examples

  1. Email Invitation Workflow Diagram

Email invitation workflow diagram is primarily developed to give you an idea of the working behind the newsletter campaign: Invitation emails. Invitation emails are the very first emails that your prospective client could see when inviting them to apply to an opening, so it is imperative that you take this opportunity to make it count. These emails should provide a link to an assessment to help the candidates take the test online. Post the test results, the conduction of a thorough analysis followed by the next stages of shortlisting can be simplified through the strategy mentioned above. 

  1. Tour/Product Recommendation Workflow Diagram

A recommendation workflow diagram elicits the different stages involved in taking your prospective client through a comprehensive catalog that you have collated according to their needs. These product recommendations could be about any line of products you are offering. It is imperative to engage your audience with targeted ads to maximize conversion rates.

  1. Auto-response and Follow-up CRM Workflow Diagram

Follow up emails are necessary to lock in your customers and build a trusting bond with them while building brand loyalty. Follow up emails could include little tips, suggestions, a guided tour, discount offers or it could even be little trivia or small engagement videos comprising of what other customers who tried out their products have to say. 

Email Workflow Diagram Takeaways

From the above examples we can deduce the importance that an email workflow diagram carries when it comes to the productivity of your business. Email automation continues to be at the frontier and you can utilize these examples to be able to connect to your recipients. A good email provides a gentle reminder about an item the customer might be interested in, gently pushing them to buy the product. A great email on the other hand attaches an irresistible incentive that compels completion of purchase.

Email Workflow Diagram Tips

  • The email workflow diagram should be simple. Every member of your team should have no difficulty in understanding the diagram.
  • The workflow should have a number of easy steps to follow. It is very important that you break down your email campaign strategy into small steps and focus on each step individually
  • Proper usage of symbols is important for reference. Suppose you get stuck at some stage in your email marketing campaign and need to revisit the email workflow diagram. In such a situation it is very helpful if you have earmarked proper symbols for each stage for easy identification
  • An email workflow diagram should be scalable to cover a specific component of your email campaign
  • The email workflow diagram should be flexible when it comes to different types of emails like political mailers, follow-up emails, welcome emails, re-engagement emails, reminder emails, and many more.


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