Emails are one of the most important part of any business. They are not just used for internal communication but also for marketing and advertising. Every little thing in business plays a huge role. Nothing can be too small to work on. So is in email marketing. Starting from setting up an email marketing campaign every step is planned and evaluated and only then used. 

An email template is a pre designed or a preformatted and prewritten email that is used by company during email marketing campaign to send emails to the customers about your product or service. Email templates are used to make the offer or the content look more attractive and to grab people attention. All of this is done with one ultimate goal to increase sales. These templates are editable and they allow you to replace with your own content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails.


Email signup templates are those templates that are used as signup forms or also called as subscription forms. These are used to gain more subscribers. These templates are also editable and can be customized with your own content, fonts, colors and many other features. 

These templates are used by every company that has email marketing campaign. These are easy to use and there are wide range of templates that can be selected by you. These signup templates are mainly used to attract the customers to subscribe to your emails. 


  • Offer an incentive – give your subscribers some signup gifts or incentives. It can be in the form by offering a coupon or free trial or anything related to the product or service you offer. This will interest them to subscribe for your email notifications and holds up to value. 
  • Tell people what kind of emails they’ll get and how it will be benefited – because of many spam emails, customers will not be willing to sign up to anything new. But this is where you need to attract people by engaging them with the offers they can avail by just signing up for you. You can also talk about how often you might send emails and offers they can avail. 
  • Match your forms to your content – the most important thing is to match your form selection with your content. Try to create a signup form that are more personalized to the page visitor and interests him to connect with you.  
  • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple) – keep your signup forms simple. They are only meant to gain more customers and it is better when shorter. They don’t need to know your history or everything you sell. Keep it small, simple, precise and on point. 
  • Use social proof – highlight your current number of subscribers and also talk about how people have benefited by it. 
  • Attractive – select an attractive template that signifies your brand and suits the products or services that you can offer. 


  1. INTERACTIVE SIGNUP FORM – This interactive signup form below by Riccardo Pasianotto perfectly knows how to engage with the audience and yet it is kept simple. 
  • Interactive signup form is a free registration form. 
  • It is named as interactive signup form because of its interactive experience while it still keeps professionalism.
  • It offers simple and cool designs that are easy to use and customize.
  • It has good animations and effects and it offers wide range of selections in signup forms.
  1. GIVEAWAY SIGNP FORMS – best way to get people to sign up to you is by giving them something in order to do so. 
  • These signup for are very flashy and eye catchy.
  • These are mainly used to gain subscribers by providing them some offers.
  • They use lot of graphics and animation.
  • Bold and stylish font and vibrant colors.
  • People love offers and this a great way to get what you want and give them offers.

              This signup template by J.Crew Factory perfectly explains what a giveaway form looks like –

  1. NEWS LETTER SIGNUP – newsletter signup forms are those forms which usually have more information than other kind of signup forms.
  • These signup forms are mostly engaging with their content.
  • This signup form usually have lot of content for the audience.
  • These signup forms have lost of divisions in a template.
  • They are made in a way that can share content and also represent brand by using brand colors, fonts and sizes.

This newsletter by The New York Times defines how a newsletters looks like – 

  1. CREATIVE SIGNUP FORM – creative signup forms involve lot of creativity in it. Be it design or content, everything is made to catch people attention. 
  • Creative signup form provides a creative background to the template.
  • It has a dark template so that it is easy to differentiate between the background and template. 
  • It is a mobile responsive template form so you can integrate it to the mobile devices. 
  • It offers simple and calm animation effects which provides a pleasant experience to the users. 

            This signup form below represents creative signup form –

  1. GO MINIMAL – Go minimal are those signup forms which are kept simple with only the right elements required. 
  • It has few only few elements to keep it functional and simple.
  • This is the new trend where many companies want to keep it short yet engaging. 
  • It has lesser graphics and fewer colors with simple font styles. 
  • They are made easy and quick to use and since it doesn’t have much elements, people can quickly subscribe to you without taking long time.

                 This signup form below by Cocorrina perfectly defines minimal signup form –

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