GetResponse and ConstantContact are email marketing platforms who also happen to be industry leaders to help you with your email marketing strategy. 

Why is it essential to integrate email marketing into your marketing plan? Over 93% of B2B marketers utilize email when it comes to sending their content, so there is a high probability that all of your competitors belong in this demographic and so should you. 

Let’s talk about which email marketing tool would suit your business tools better.

GetResponse vs ConstantContact: Major Feature Differences

A few salient differences between the two are as follows :

  • Target Audiences
    • GetResponse is an email marketing solution for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business. With a capable team hailing from different technical backgrounds GetResponse attributes its 15 years of success to its talented team 
    • ConstantContact supports freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises as well when it comes to providing valuable email marketing insights.
  • Platforms
    • GetResponse supports Web-based, phone-app, and iPhone based support.
    • ConstantContact on the other hand supports web-based, phone-app, iPhone based as well as Windows Phone app support.
  • Customer Support
    • GetResponse and ConstantContact both rake up the same kind of numbers when it comes to customer support offering phone support, online support, knowledge base to access information and video tutorials to help you understand the nuances of the platform. 
  • Pricing
    • GetResponse costs a user $15/month and offers you a free trial with its services being subscription-based, no credit card payment required.
    • Constant Contact costs the user $20/month while offering the same services as GetRespoonse.
    • Neither of the two platforms supports a free account
  • Advantages
    • With competitive prices and great customer services, GetResponse though not quite as intuitive as MailChimp delivers great quality throughout
    • GetResponse allows the creation of segmented lists allowing a far better visual control over the campaign strategy
    • The cost-effective pricing model and marketing automation abilities make it a hit among its customers.  
    • Constant Contact, on the other hand, delivers awesome newsletter templates to choose from, allowing you to format your newsletters with image inputs customized for your needs
    • Constant Contact helps in keeping an efficient record of all the information, events, and emails. You can refer to it anytime for historic data. An efficient software available at a great price.
  • Setbacks
    • GetResponse’s autoresponders, stats might not function properly at times with slow servers at times that could be jarring for business. 
    • GetResponse’s reporting feature is not up to the mark when it comes to analyzing the results of email marketing, with no way available at hand to connect the goals with analytics.
    • Erroneous shutting down of accounts, with no warning, or notice and unavailability of contact in the aftermath of such an incident has been reported at times on account of GetResponse
    • Constant Contact’s new updates lead to the loss of some popular and effective tools and it doesn’t seem to be sitting well with the customers.
    • Constant Contact’s emails have been found to be reported to be often classified as spam or with attached warnings.
    • Constant Contact provides no way to cancel the subscription online, which makes it an unnecessary hassle
  • Key Features
    • GetResponse provides the following key features :
      • What/If Scenarios handling
      • API
      • Activity Dashboard
      • Activity Tracking
      • Auto-Responders
      • Automated Scheduling
    • Constant Contact provides the following key features:
      • CAN SPAM Compliance
      • Anti-Spam
      • Advertising Management
      • A/B Testing
      • Activity Tracking
      • Auto-Responders
      • Automated Scheduling
  • Integrations
    • GetResponse provides a total of 153 integrations like :
      • Drupal
      • Facebook
      • Google Adwords
      • Google Analytics
      • Hubspot CRM
      • Hubspot Marketing
      • Magento Commerce
      • MailChimp
    • Constant Contact provides a total of 435 integrations like :
      • Drupal
      • Facebook
      • Hubspot CRM
      • Magento Commerce
      • MailChimp among others

Both Constant Contact and GetResponse do not facilitate Instagram and Linkedin integrations.

  • Security
    •  GetResponse provides no known security facilitations to safeguard your email marketing strategy.
    • ConstantContact, on the other hand, provides a number of security options like :
      • Reports/Alerts for security breaches
      • Customer Data removed upon service cancellation
      • Encryption of sensitive data at rest 


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