BombBomb and MailChimp are two frontrunners when it comes to email marketing solutions. In a fast-paced world where email marketing has become a key proponent of the marketing strategy both BombBomb and MailChimp provide elegant and scalable solutions to suit your business needs. But how do their cards stack up against each other? Let’s find out.

BombBomb vs MailChimp: Major Feature Differences

We will talk about some major differences between BombBomb and MailChimp divided into the following categories :

  • Pricing
    • Coming down to brass tacks BombBomb charges a fee of $39/month/user
    • MailChimp, on the other hand, is comparatively way cheaper charging a nominal $9.99/month
    • Both the platforms do not provide a free trial for its services. But MailChimp is free for a generous contact threshold.
  • Target Audience
    • It is essential to understand who stands to benefit the most from these email marketing solutions. BombBomb targets real estate agents, brokers, sales professionals, business professionals. BombBomb helps this section get face to face on the scale with video-enabled communication, tracking analytics, screen recording, and social sharing. 
    • MailChimp is a cloud-based marketing solution targeted to help businesses of all sizes. MailChimp helps design, automate, and manage marketing campaigns across various ad channels, email platforms packaged with their interactive dashboard.
  • Ideal Number Of Users
    • BombBomb usually can support over 1000 users since it is geared towards a section where a sizeable audience can be expected to get behind their idea
    • MailChimp focuses on helping out businesses of all shapes and sizes, hence MailChimp can ideally support any number of users ranging from 1 to over 1000. Keep it personal, or make it commercial, MailChimp lets you scale accordingly
  • Customer Support
    • BombBomb is well known among the business circles for its splendid customer service. BombBomb’s email tracker gives it a nice edge over MailChimp. BombBomb has helped a sizeable number of companies revamp their email marketing campaigns with video addition that has helped the businesses increase open rate and engage in a more meaningful manner with their target audience
    • MailChimp also stands tall with its indisputable customer service running 24/7, while enabling its users to be essentially self-learners with lucid guides to help them along the way and a most helpful blog should the users be stuck
  • Features And Functionality
    • BombBomb allows you to handle your business by giving it a personal touch, which helps businesses to reach out, connect and convert more leads and prospective clientele
    • MailChimp’s interactive interface and the free messaging plan allows you to connect with up to 2000 subscribers. MailChimp is a great way if you are thinking of starting a mailing list. Works great for startup and bootstrapper contracts.
  • Product Features
    • BombBomb provides the following features to its users:
      • Auto-Responders
      • CAN SPAM Compliance 
      • Drip Campaigns
      • Dynamic Content
      • Image Library
      • Landing Pages / Web Forms
      • Mobile Optimized Emails
      • Reporting / Analytics and many more
    • MailChimp reigns superior when it comes to product features.MailChimp provides all the features BombBomb provides and much more like :
      • A/B Testing
      • Customer Surveys
      • Event-Triggered Email
  • Training
    • BombBomb provides you training to get a grip of the platform through webinars and documentation
    • MailChimp provides training to help its customers understand the framework as well. MailChimp allows training through webinars, documentation and through a live online demonstration as well
  • Platforms Supported
    • BombBomb supports Android and iOS for mobile devices and is a popular platform among its users with Cloud, Windows, and Mac frameworks.
    • MailChimp on the other hand only supports Cloud solutions for an email marketing strategy.
  • Ease Of Use
    • BombBomb is a good platform when it comes to sending bulk emails with little videos for your target audience but lacks slightly when it comes to a user-friendly interface. That being said BombBomb can be used with CRM, Gmail, and iPhones with considerable ease.
    • MailChimp allows selecting a template for sending emails with relative ease with the ability to track the ROI that is an imperative KPI for the company’s business marketing strategy.


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