We’ll start with what is invoice email. An invoice email is simply an email that informs the recipient of a pending bill to be paid. You send the invoice email to your client and they pay you the mentioned amount in the bill. Invoice emails are a hassle-free way when it comes to tracking and an efficient way of handling your payments. Consider outsourcing your invoice mailing services in order to minimize capital investments, production costs improved cash flow, industry compliance, and reducing the risk of a costly data breach.

Picking a competent invoice mailing service will relieve your mail headaches by providing everything in an efficient fashion. Let’s look at some of the top invoice mailing services out there.

Top Invoice mailing services

  • LetterHub
    • Provides reliable reliable invoice printing and mailing services for any company
    • Pre-sorting of mailings with the same zip code helps create faster delivery and reduces postage costs
    • Pre-scrubbing of addresses is carried out utilizing the National Change of Address (NCOA) Service. If a new address is located, a report is generated and emailed to you directly
    • Provides an online portal to keep track of your emails 
    • Allows accurate sending of time-sensitive transactional documents such as statements, bills, notices, and legal and compliance notifications, including privacy disclosures, tax documents, and loan modification mailing
    • Provides the ability to create promotional communications and inserts designed to attract, retain, and strengthen customer relationships
  • A+ Letter Service, Inc.
    • Widely trusted by major insurance carriers, banks, mortgage brokers, health plans, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies
    • Has over 30 years of experience delivering reliable solutions for your invoice mailing needs
    • Provides complete billing, invoicing and statement processing and mailing for invoices
    • Ensure that their services are always up and running complete with back-up equipment and standalone systems
    • Data is processed and converted in less than 24 hours
    • Maintains weekly and monthly scheduling to make sure that your mail is always delivered in time
    • Situated in New Jersey
  • PostalMethods
    • Helps decrease DSO and improve cash flow
    • reduces the cost of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing your business-critical communications using their online postal mailing system
    • Handles client ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies
    • Helps you maintain and manage your revenue cycle
    • PostalMethods allows you to register for free with no obligations, by adopting a pay-as-you-go policy.
    • Provides special web-form to postal features for all your invoice mailing needs as it provides instant notifications
    • Allow you to track your email’s status along its journey through its interactive panel
  • DocuSend
    • Works best with accounting software packages and a couple of document-generating software
    • Provides a very minimal cost for all of its services and mails your document in a cost-effective fashion
    • Docusend’s proprietary technology allows streamlining the invoice mailing process while saving up on labor and other materials 
    • Provides a great way to mail up to 4000 single page documents per month and also offers a suitable discount on an offering greater than 4000 documents
    • It is a pay-as-you-go service that ensures you don’t have to keep track of your internal payroll when it comes to invoice mailing services anymore
    • Charges $0.83 for the first page and $0.08 for every additional page
    • Provides a complete document delivery process with no monthly minimums or contracts
  • Zoho
    • Provides snail mail which helps save company time when it comes to invoice mailing services
    • With snail mail, it is remarkably easier to send invoices to the customers who want their invoices via ground mail
    • Provides a great print quality of invoices and help add value to your business
    • Provides updated status information and validation of the customer’s address to facilitate the invoice mailing service
    • Detachable payment stub provided with sent invoices to help you keep track of your payments
  • The Addressers
    • Helps save money with top of the line equipment and highly trained staff to provide full turnkey service when it comes to invoices
    • Helps keep your financial data safe and error-free with The Addressers QC.
    • Boast the lowest prices and the highest quality among its many competitors
    • Comes fully equipped with next day turnaround capability
    • Flexible enough to send your invoices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
    • Also, provides services to ensure every step of your email campaign goes as smoothly as possible
    • Gives a professional outlook to your business with their targeted mailing lists


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