Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov.

This is something every company believes in. There might be good marketing strategy you planned. But for it to be great, it needs something different that has your own touch to it. Marketing is a process of selling goods or services to make revenue. We know it’s not as simple as it sounds. But with time and technology there has been lot of changes and it has never before been a great time for marketing than now.

There’s a most common confusion when it comes to email marketing and CRM.

 But why? Isn’t it obvious that both are different?

Yes. Both being different, they still share some common goals.

Let’s check them out today.



Email marketing is a process of sending commercial emails to the potential customers in order to generate sales and increase revenue. In simple terms, email marketing is a form of marketing strategy that is used by businesses to increase their revenue and increase sales.


Customer Relationship Management refers to all the techniques, strategies, tools and technologies used by a company to attract, acquire new customers and retain existing customers. In simple terms, customer relationship management are the steps taken by the company to manage company’s interaction with the potential customers. This is mainly done to improve and build strong relationship so that the customers stay loyal and continue to shop from them.





Create amazing campaigns –

Email marketing allows you to create amazing Campaigns that are easy to use and keep track of your plan. Email marketing tools provide you features like drag and drop editor, rich text editor, custom HTML editor, signup and newsletter customizable templates, e-commerce campaign maintenance etc.

Customer needs –

It is impossible to satisfy everyone’s needs. But you can always find the common thing from your target audience and work on it. Customer relationship cannot last long if their needs are not satisfied.

Audience –

It helps in growing your audience. Email marketing had proven to be more effective than any other marketing forms. Using signup forms which can be customized and by providing some offers or coupons audience can be attracted. This way you can gain more audience.

Contact management –

CRM software provides you with the tools that can be used to sort details into particular segments and organize them in a clean manner. This will give you a clear idea on how you can work on it.


Automatic reply to messages –

With email marketing automation tools it is possible to set up auto reply to the messages you receive. This will make your customers feel important and maintain good relations.

Chat integration –

By integrating your CRM softener with chat tools you can make all your employees use the same UI for providing customer support and they can maintain good relationship with customers. By integrating different tools, you are less likely to get confused and all the data and reports can be easily accessed.

Optimize campaigns and track results –

Email marketing tools generates real time reports. These reports are easy to use and analyze which allows you to optimize your campaign in a better way by making changes wherever required.

Software tools –

CRM offers you tools to generate leads management, contact management, sales automation, email management etc.


  1. According to statistics, there will be more than 4.3 billion email users by 2023 and as of now there are there are about 3.9 billion email users.
  2. For every dollar you spend, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA 2019).
  3. Emails have the highest open rate with about 82%.
  4. Interactive emails like the emails which add videos to it, can increase emails click through rates by 300 percent.



Here are some reasons why you need to use CRM –

  1. Better knowledge of customers – CRM gives you all the data neatly sorted and segmented into groups. This will help in understanding your customers in a better sense and give them what they want.
  2. Better segmentation – CRM tools help you in segmenting people into groups. This can be done on location, gender or any basis that you want. It will easily sort the data for you and with the use of this tool you can avoid manual errors and obtain error free results.
  3. Better customer retention – CRM tools will help you by providing reminders about you appointments, follow ups, commitments you made etc. This will keep a track of everything and it typically results in better customer relationships as they get what’s promised.
  4. Better communication and protection of data – the data you store will be protected by different encryption methods and password protections so that no data is misused or caused any trouble.

It also helps in communicating better and on time. Timely reply makes your customers feel important and they’ll certainly wait for you after a reply. Or you might lose a customer.




Email marketing tools are those that makes email marketing process easier. These tools offer various benefits like, creating a campaign, tracking your customer details, sending mass emails, personalization, specific targeting, email signup and newsletter templates etc.

CRM tools at those which help you to maintain and manage all your contact information, information that your contacts provide everything related to it.

CRM tools also help you in managing your internal team and track their activities.

It helps you stay on track and act according to the plan.

CRM system will help you integrate sales strategies, online marketing and advertising with your contacts data in an organized way.





Email marketing is cost effective –

Businesses always try to find ways to minimize its budget and still achieve everything they are aiming for. Email marketing is one of those ways. It is the most effective and easy way to reach your goals without actually spending lots of money on it.

Better consumer services –

CRM tools help in providing better services to the customers by exactly giving you their data. This system allows you to understand the needs of a particular customer and you can communicate with them in a way they would be willing to avail your services.


Email automation tools – Automation tools offer many things such as automatic replies, trigger emails on time, error free work, reports and health of campaigns etc.

Tracking new customers increase customer revenue –

The data generated can help you in giving insights on whom you can target and when. These tools also help you in identifying who have already brought your service by which you can eliminate them from seeing your ads. This way you can save your budget and use it in targeting other potential customers.


Personalized content – it is easy to personalize content on emails than on any other social media. You can choose what to send to whom and at what time. It is one of the greatest advantages any marketing strategy could offer.

Make messaging and calls more effective –

When a customer leaves a message for you, these tools instantly and automatically reply to them with some relevant pre saved message. This makes the process easy for you.


Measuring and reports of email marketing campaigns – It is easy to measure email marketing campaigns with the clearly defined reports and statistical charts that are generated automatically.

Helps sales team in closing the deals faster –

Instantly replying and data sorting tools of CRM helps the sales team in understanding a person better and this leads to better efficiency and close deals faster.




1.       Sender

2.       Sendinblue

3.       Omnisend

4.       SendPulse

5.       Benchmark Email

6.       Mailchimp

7.       MailerLite

8.       Mailjet

1.       Salesforce

2.       Hubspot CRM

3.       Pipedrive

4.       Insightly

5.       Microsoft Dynamics 365

6.       Freshsales

7.       Zoho CRM

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